United Airlines Partners With Clorox To Enhance Hygiene Measures

Today, United Airlines announced the launch of United CleanPlus, a new standard in cleanliness and safety throughout the company. As part of the initiative, the Chicago-based carrier is collaborating with disinfectant specialist Clorox and some of the United States’ top medical experts at Cleveland Clinic.

United planes SFO
United is aligning with hygiene experts to help combat issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Getty Images

Useful collaborations

Amid the global health crisis, United has been ramping up its hygiene measures across its operations. According to a press release, the airline will first be using Clorox products at its hubs in Chicago and Denver. They will be used in the operator’s gate and terminal areas, before being put to use in other locations.

Clorox chair and CEO Benno Dorer shared how his company is looking forward to working alongside United on this program. He explains that the two groups will continue to find new ways to enhance cleanliness across the operator’s locations.

“We’re proud Clorox will play a role in United CleanPlus to enhance people’s safety when they travel,” Dorer said.

“Connecting the world more safely, when possible, is an important part of our recovery as a society. Together we are helping people when they travel for work or pleasure. We look forward to working with United to explore more ways to help keep their customers healthy during their travel experience.”

United Clorox
Caloric is helping United enhance its cleaning program, redefine disinfection procedures, and equip customers with amenities at certain airports. Photo: United Airlines

In the right hands

Additionally, Cleveland Clinic will advise United on new technologies, training development, and quality assurance programming amid the coronavirus pandemic. The airline has been introducing social distancing protocols such as hands-free kiosks, sneeze guards, and mandatory face masks.

United Signage
Signs are being placed around airports to advise on better practices. Photo: United Airlines

Additionally, the firm is consulting the group for help on giving passengers options when flights are full. This issue is something that carriers are still getting used to as aircraft remain grounded.

Cleveland Clinic CEO and president Tomislav Mihaljevic, M.D. spoke of how honored he is to be part of this initiative. He expressed how crucial it is to place extra measures during the current climate. The institution will share the knowledge that it has gained while it has been working on the frontline during the COVID-19 outbreak over the last few months.

United Staff
Employees and customers are receiving more protection with the new measures. Photo: United Airlines

Crucial steps

Altogether, these partnerships are just part of a broader strategy that United has introduced to maintain safe and hygienic operations. It has revolutionized the cleaning measures on its services and at its facilitiesOther practices include the use of electrostatic sprayers in aircraft cabins and the introduction of state-of-the-art circulation systems that remove up to 99.7% of airborne particles.

New United CEO Scott Kirby summarized the announcement by affirming that safety has always been his business’ top priority. However, amid this unprecedented crisis, it is the company’s singular customer focus.

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