United Airlines To Partner With App To Bust Jet Lag

United Airlines wants to make long-haul travel a better experience. In order to do so, the airline is looking at reducing customer jet lag. Now, it appears that United has found a solution in the form of a partnership with an app.

United New 767
United Airlines is now seeking to bust jet lag through a partnership with Timeshifter. Photo: United Airlines via Twitter

United’s new partnership to combat jet lag

In a press release, United highlighted this new partnership. The app in question is called Timeshifter. This app assists passengers adjust to a new time zone through creating a schedule that outlines the best time for a person to enjoy a coffee or interact with light. The app is designed to work best for three or four-time zone changes. Ultimately, this will be most beneficial for passengers on some of United’s current, and upcoming, long-haul routes.

United’s new partnership with Timeshifter is designed to help passengers adjust to a new time zone. Photo: Timeshifter

United Airlines is offering members of the MileagePlus program some incentives. MileagePlus members will receive access to a free jet lag plan from the app. United’s top elite, Premier 1K members, receive access to a complimentary subscription with unlimited plans. Vice President of Loyalty and President of MileagePlus, Luc Bondar, had the following to say about this new development:

We want to do everything we can to help improve the experience of traveling across time zones, whether it’s a business trip to Tel Aviv or a vacation to Tahiti, our customers should arrive feeling fresh and ready to hit the ground running

The app

Passengers can learn more about the app at the Timeshifter website. However, the major workings of the app are pretty simple. After taking in data from the user, the app offers some simple recommendations such as avoiding coffee or getting exposure to natural light. Below is the full list of capabilities the app provides:

  • Instructions for when travelers should prioritize exposure to bright light or avoid it.
  • A sleep and napping schedule based on his or her own sleep preferences.
  • A plan to optimize caffeine intake for alertness and sleep.
  • Optional timing for taking melatonin, should travelers choose to do so.
Timeshifter app for Jet lag
The Timeshifter app offers simple recommendations for a passenger to take to reduce the impact of jet lag. Photo: Timeshifter

Individual plans for the app retail at $9.99 for a round trip plan and yearly memberships are $24.99. Ultimately, for those who fly multiple long-hauls in a year would find greater benefit with a yearly membership than others.


This is a nice perk for Premier 1K members. However, this partnership is not too extensive. Although getting one free plan for reducing jet lag is a nice benefit, United’s new partnership does not add a lot of benefits for frequent fliers. On the other hand, passengers may find the app worthwhile if they take multiple long-haul flights in a year.

United needs to hire more pilots
United does have some pretty long flights. Photo: United Airlines

However, United does have one of the most extensive route networks of American carriers. As such, United can market themselves as an advanced carrier trying to reduce the impact of jet lag. Premium customers, in particular, may find that rewarding for quick business trips.

Will you take advantage of United’s new app partnership to combat jet lag? Have you used the Timeshifter app? Let us know in the comments!