United Airlines Launching 787 Flights From Denver To Frankfurt

Denver International Airport is a major hub for United Airways, but there is very little international about it.

United only runs one international route from the large airport, to Tokyo Narita, year-round with another to London during the hot tourist season.

But now United will be launching Dreamliner fights directly from Denver to Frankfurt Germany, year round!

United 787
Frankfurt in Western Germany.

What are the details?

The new route between Denver International and Frankfurt will launch May 2nd, 2019.

Denver to Frankfurt.

The route is a rather good idea, as both ends are not only destinations in themselves, but also perfect hubs for further travel. Denver is located centrally in the US easy access to the West Coast, Texas and surrounding states. Additionally, it is also United’s hub for the region and perfect for pushing passengers onto further flights. Frankfurt is located in the middle of Europe, with equal access to West/Central/East Europe.

The route will be flown daily, with the following plan:

  • UA182 – Denver to Frankfurt – 3:40PM to 9:20AM (+1 day flying east) – 9 Hours 40 Minutes duration
  • UA181 – Frankfurt to Denver – 11:05AM to 1:20PM (flying west) – 10 Hours 15 Minutes duration

Currently, only Lufthansa flies this route direct, code-shared with United with a 747-400. This new route by United must mean there is a lot of additional capacity that both airlines want to take advantage of.

“From the mid-continent United States to the rest of the world, United offers customers more choice and more international flights and destinations than any other carrier,” Patrick Quayle, United’s vice president of International Network

What will the service be like?

The service will be flown on United’s older 787-8 Dreamliner fleet. As it’s an older plane, the layout is a little dated.

Seat map united 787
United 787-8 Seat Map. Source: theflight.info

The United 787-8 can carry 219 passengers in three classes.

The United business first / Polaris is a little dated, but they do have 180-degree flatbed seats. Although there is not much privacy and you have to crawl over your fellow passenger to reach the aisle.

There is also an economy plus section, which gives passengers a bigger gap between seats (but is still very much the same as economy), plus a pillow AND a blanket (what luxury!).

There is seatback entertainment throughout the flight for all classes, including economy.

Below is a table with the exact specifications for each seat.

Class Pitch Width Seating details
Polaris / Business First 78″ 22″ 36 flatbed seats with 180 degrees recline 
Economy Plus 35″ 17.3″ 70 standard seats with 6.0 recline 
Economy 32″ 17.3″ 113 standard seats with 5.0 recline 

Currently, they have not yet uploaded any award availability for this route. But we can expect there to be some soon.

Will you be traveling on the new United flight to Frankfurt?