Yesterday United Airlines Operated An 18 Mile Flight Across Los Angeles

Yesterday United Airlines operated a flight across Los Angeles which was just 18 miles as the crow flies. The flight flew from Burbank to Los Angeles International in a time of 20 minutes. The drive between the two takes 30-40 minutes with no traffic, however, can become over an hour with LA traffic.

United Airlines, Los Angeles, 15 Minute Flight
United Airlines yesterday flew an Airbus A319 from Burbank to Los Angeles. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr

Short passenger flights are always interesting. While the world’s shortest passenger flight takes less than a few minutes, we recently covered Air Creebec’s short five-minute Canadian flight. However, yesterday Live And Lets Fly noticed that United Airlines was operating what is thought to have been a passenger flight from Burbank to Los Angeles International.

About the flight

According to Live and Lets Fly, the flight was operated due to runway maintenance currently taking place in San Francisco. The flight was intended as a ferry flight, however, it was observed that around 17 passengers were included in the flight’s seat map.

However, LALF mentions that tickets were not available for this flight. If there were indeed passengers onboard, they were likely connecting onto other flights. Simple Flying has contacted United Airlines to confirm whether this was indeed a passenger flight.

United Airlines, Los Angeles, 15 Minute Flight
The short flight skipped the LA traffic to reach Los Angeles International Airport. Photo: Andre M via Wikimedia

Flight details

Yesterday’s flight was scheduled to take just 15 minutes. It had been due to depart from Burbank at 14:12. However, it didn’t take to the skies until 14:23, eleven minutes late. Once the aircraft got airborne, it flew for 21 minutes before touching down at Los Angeles International.

While the flight is only 18 miles as the crow flies, the aircraft flew slightly further. It was unable to fly directly between the two as the aircraft had to fit in between other aircraft also flying to LAX. The flight could’ve been marketed as an LA sightseeing flight.

United Airlines, Los Angeles, 15 Minute Flight
The flight took just 15 minutes at a maximum height of 5,000 feet. Photo:

After flying through the valley between Burbank and Glendale, the aircraft turned south, before turning west towards downtown LA. It then flew back towards the east in order to join the line to land at Los Angeles International. The aircraft did not surpass 5,000 feet during its epic journey across town.

After lining up to land at Los Angeles International, the aircraft touched down at 14:38, just 15 minutes after departing from Burbank according to The aircraft then took a tour of Los Angeles International, arriving at the gate at 14:52, 14 minutes after landing.

Simple Flying has contacted United Airlines for comment.

Were you onboard the short flight yesterday? What is the shortest flight you’ve taken? Let us know in the comments!