United’s Stunning New Livery Gets Leaked

The reveal of the new United Airlines livery, due to take place later today, has been hotly anticipated. However, following a leak, the airline has been forced to give an even greater sneak peak of the livery. While it has had mixed reactions, this Simple Flying reporter has positive feelings. The new livery leak was spotted by One Mile At A Time before Simple Flying.

United new livery
The new United Livery was leaked yesterday, causing United’s Twitter team to confirm it with a tweet. Photo: United Airlines

United Airlines had been due to reveal their brand new livery at a press event in Chicago later today. However, it seems as though the airline could do with some tips from British Airways who managed to keep their retro jets fairly hidden until the full reveal.

The new livery

The new United livery, while despised by some, quite frankly looks stunning. The airline previously tweeted “Out with the g(old) and in with the blue”. This statement couldn’t be more true. The livery hasn’t changed drastically either. Instead, the new livery is fairly similar, however, as tweeted, the gold has been replaced with blue.

United New Livery
While the “United” is bigger, the gold of the old livery (pictured) has been replaced. Photo: United Airlines

The livery is similar in style to a lot of other new airline liveries. That is to say, predominantly white with, the colour focused around the tail. The reason for the predominantly white colour scheme is that it reflects a lot of light, helping to keep the cabin cool.

Previous United Airlines liveries

This will be the first major change since United Airlines introduced their current blue, white and gold livery. Before this, the airline used other liveries, one of which saw a predominately grey fuselage with a blue tail. On the blue tail was the previous blue and red U for United. United also previously used a blue and white livery, with a blue and white tail.

United New Livery
One of United Airline’s old liveries. Photo: Boeing

Thoughts about the new livery

While the new livery has had a fair bit of praise on social media, it has also drawn a lot of criticism. This criticism predominantly revolves around people arguing that the it is to similar to other new liveries.

Personally, I think the new liveries look stunning. The blue and white perfectly compliment each other, without the added distraction of the gold. The only displeasing aspect of the new livery is the white area where the rudder starts. This has been caused by United following the main line of the tail with the blue paint.

Apart from that the new livery looks sleek and professional. However, it also doesn’t differ drastically from the current livery. As a Europe based writer, I for one, can’t wait to see this livery gracing the skies on the approach to Heathrow.

What are your thoughts on the new livery? Let us know in the comments down below!