United Airlines Recreates Wedding Singer Proposal

Movies can often play a huge part in our lives, even when it comes to connecting with another person. For Jason and Shantel, their special movie is The Wedding Singer, starring Adam Sandler. Therefore, with the help of United Airlines Chicago-based staff, Jason recreated an iconic scene from the movie to propose to Shantel midflight. Did it pay off?

United 777
There was a grand proposal on a recent United Airlines flight. Photo: Getty Images

Classic romance

The 1998 film is about a man who sings at weddings that is convinced by Drew Barrymore to help plan her wedding. However, he soon falls in love with her. Thereafter, he ends up singing “I Wanna Grow Old With You” in the middle of a flight to his beloved.

Live And Lets Fly reports that John decided to re-enact this scene on his own flight with his partner, with the hope that she would accept his marriage proposal.

He left his seat during the flight for Shantel to assume that he was going to use the lavatory. However, he went to fetch the guitar that was smuggled onboard and returned singing his heart out.

The flight attendants captured the heartfelt incident on their smartphones. The footage shows John strumming his guitar to a smiling Chantel before he gets on one knee and proposes. It didn’t take long for Chantel to say yes before she leaped into his arms!

John then lifted her into the air without managing to hit her head on the roof of the aircraft. The now engaged couple sealed the deal with a photo, which shows off a gleaming diamond ring.

United Airlines Proposal
The happy couple with the flight attendants that helped orchestrate the grand gesture. Photo: United Airlines

Perfect match

United shared the footage of the proposal on its website. The carrier said that John reached out to its social media team before crew at Chicago helped him deliver his plan.

“It all began when Jason reached out to United’s social media team, hoping for assistance with his upcoming plan to propose. Some phone calls and one borrowed guitar later, the stage was set for Jason,” United shared on its website.

“Put all that together, mix in some helpful United employees and, voila, you have a truly memorable marriage proposal.”

Pulling on our heartstrings

This isn’t the first time that United has used music to lighten up the mood on its services. During the festive season, a United Express flight attendant serenaded passengers with his violin before the plane took off for Newark. Classics such as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” could be heard by those boarding.

United Airlines Fleet
United is no stranger to musical theatre. Photo: Getty Images

Ultimately, the engaged pair are passionate about travel and are mad about the same movie. Therefore, it was a thoughtful move by John to combine their loves to mark a truly memorable occasion. We wish the happy couple all the best in their wedding plans!

Simple Flying reached out to United for comment on the events that happened on the service. A spokesperson said it was an honor for the airline to help make this special moment happen during one of its flights.

Were you one of the passengers on this flight? Let us know what you think of the proposal in the comment section.