United’s CEO Complains Seats Are Too Small With No Plan To Fix The Problem

United Airlines’ CEO has complained that the seats on the airline’s aircraft are too small. However, he has no plan to fix the problem.

United Airlines Boeing 737
United Airlines’ CEO is aware that the seats have gotten very small. Photo: United Airlines.

What are the details?

According to Boarding Area, Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, has stated that the “seats are too small and Wifi is too slow.” As a matter of fact, Munoz told ABC News that the airline can no longer reduce the size of its seats. He “think[s] [they] are nearing a point certainly that [they] can’t do that anymore.”

Furthermore, he was not too happy with the Wifi onboard United’s aircraft. Apparently, the airline has experienced quite a few problems with its Wifi service. Nevertheless, he promised that United was going to fix this issue. He mentioned that Wifi was very important to the airline, so important in fact that United “would stop a lot of [its] growth if [it] could just stop and find the right provider and get that done.”

Unfortunately, the airline will not fix the seat issue though. United started to shrink the size of its seat in order to keep up with its competition. The airline might have gone too far though, as even Munoz thinks that “passengers may have had enough.”

United Polaris Seat
Unlike Economy Class seats, United Polaris seats are very spacious and comfortable. Photo: United Airlines.

Anyhow, Munoz did not only talk about the seats and Wifi. He took it a step further and complained about air travel in general. As a matter of fact, Munoz believes that air travel has become very stressful. According to him, “by the time [passengers] sit on one of [United’s] aircraft … [they] are just pissed at the world.”

There is definitely some truth in this statement; air travel certainly has become more stressful over the years. Accordingly, passengers are also more likely to complain when things are not perfect.

Changes at United Airlines

United Airlines is in the process of implementing a few changes. As reported by Simple Flying, the airline just revealed its new livery.

United Airlines' new livery
United Airlines’ new livery features three shades of blue. Photo: United Airlines.

Furthermore, the airline is now offering free DIRECTV service on 211 aircraft. This service includes more than 100 channels and is available on over 30,000 seats.

The airline is also proud to announce that it has partnered with Sunday Riley, a luxury skincare brand, who will provide amenity kits filled with products exclusively made for United Airlines.

Even though these changes are nice, they will most likely not stop people from complaining about the small seats and the Wifi.

Do you agree with Oscar Munoz? Do you think that the seats are indeed too small?