United’s CEO Complains Seats Are Too Small With No Plan To Fix The Problem

United Airlines’ CEO has complained that the seats on the airline’s aircraft are too small. However, he has no plan to fix the problem.

United Airlines Boeing 737
United Airlines’ CEO is aware that the seats have gotten very small. Photo: United Airlines.

What are the details?

According to Boarding Area, Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, has stated that the “seats are too small and Wifi is too slow.” As a matter of fact, Munoz told ABC News that the airline can no longer reduce the size of its seats. He “think[s] [they] are nearing a point certainly that [they] can’t do that anymore.”

Furthermore, he was not too happy with the Wifi onboard United’s aircraft. Apparently, the airline has experienced quite a few problems with its Wifi service. Nevertheless, he promised that United was going to fix this issue. He mentioned that Wifi was very important to the airline, so important in fact that United “would stop a lot of [its] growth if [it] could just stop and find the right provider and get that done.”


Unfortunately, the airline will not fix the seat issue though. United started to shrink the size of its seat in order to keep up with its competition. The airline might have gone too far though, as even Munoz thinks that “passengers may have had enough.”

United Polaris Seat
Unlike Economy Class seats, United Polaris seats are very spacious and comfortable. Photo: United Airlines.

Anyhow, Munoz did not only talk about the seats and Wifi. He took it a step further and complained about air travel in general. As a matter of fact, Munoz believes that air travel has become very stressful. According to him, “by the time [passengers] sit on one of [United’s] aircraft … [they] are just pissed at the world.”

There is definitely some truth in this statement; air travel certainly has become more stressful over the years. Accordingly, passengers are also more likely to complain when things are not perfect.


Changes at United Airlines

United Airlines is in the process of implementing a few changes. As reported by Simple Flying, the airline just revealed its new livery.

United Airlines' new livery
United Airlines’ new livery features three shades of blue. Photo: United Airlines.

Furthermore, the airline is now offering free DIRECTV service on 211 aircraft. This service includes more than 100 channels and is available on over 30,000 seats.

The airline is also proud to announce that it has partnered with Sunday Riley, a luxury skincare brand, who will provide amenity kits filled with products exclusively made for United Airlines.

Even though these changes are nice, they will most likely not stop people from complaining about the small seats and the Wifi.

Do you agree with Oscar Munoz? Do you think that the seats are indeed too small?


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Nicholas Cummins

I hate small seats. I’m going out of my way to fly on a carrier with 32 inches of legroom thanks.


This is what I imagined after reading this…

United: We don’t like small seats and wi-fi slower than AOL dial-up! It’s shameful!

Passengers: Thank you! Why don’t you remove six rows and one column of seats? You don’t need 10 people crammed side by side in a Dreamliner, you can have just 9! And work with Google to get super fast wifi, won’t ya?

United: We hear you, so here’s our new paint scheme! And a new moisturizer! And, look, you can now watch CBS as we approach ORD!

Good grief.

Jim Nograles

That is exactly the biggest problem for passengers with too commercialized airlines: seats sized for 50 Kg or less people.


I totally agree with United ‘s Ceo M Munoz that by the time a passenger gets on board,he/she is already exhausted and p…ed.
The small seats will be a huge problem for “big” passengers ,ok for Asians (Japanese,Chinese,Coreans) ok for Europeans but the biggest issue for me is the lack of personal Tvs(Same with American Airlines) and the food served on United(it needs to be improved).If the Wifi does not work perfectly and there is no TV,no good food and no space,the whole flying experience will be even worse for passengers.

David Deal

He is correct about air travel and the seats. I recently flew United’s new Polaris Business Class and it is terrible when compared to American or Delta. United took a good airline (Continental) and messed it up.

Anton Schiere

Airlines don’t do what the should do, instead of flying up in the Sky, they merge in a race to the bottom. So shrinking seat width and pitch, charging drinks, food and luggage, utilising aircraft and staff almost on a 24 hour bases certainly was helpful to reduce ticket pricing. Oscar Munoz has definetively a point. Besides that compared to other means of transport flying has gone to be uncompatetive far to cheap, with all negative side effects. For example Dutch politicians today urged to ban night flights to Amsterdam airport for the relief of tenthousands of neighbouring inhabitants. And… Read more »


Former airline retiree, and have seen air travel extremely frustrating.
The airlines MUST begin thinking of their passengers, who, make their jobs possible.
Something has happened to this tumultuous industry. In today’s market place, the industry no longer ” meets” its customers expectations, it does not attempt to
” exceed ” expectations.
It’s time to remember, your ” customers “, can fly any airline today, how can you make YOUR airline survive the battle for sales AND.
” old fashioned “customer services.
Airlines….please take note.
Remember execs, the passengers pay your over inflated salaries.


When will the industry start who they are in business for!!
The passengers pay your salaries.
Front line employees take the brunt for ALL problems, delays, incorrect gates, cancellations as well as delays!
Think about it, airline execs!

John P. (Pat) Chambers

This race to the bottom began with the destruction of legacy carriers by speculators and robber oligarchs like Carl Icahn, duly eased by the Congressional deregulation fiasco. The costs issue rules everything, no one has the guts to buck the trend. It’s not true that made it feasible for large numbers to fly, it’s new aircraft service and demand, not cost. As a retiree, I fly for nearly nothing, but don’t unless the agony of the process is necessary or obligatory. I literally have to pull myself out of these new seats using the seat backs. The indifference and phony… Read more »

David Kang Lim

Why United Airlines CEO is not fit to be Chairman is due to the example he is personally not only setting but words he indirectly used influencing how his employees will behave and treat them; ” Dont even try to make your customers who are paying your salaries happy, they are NEVER going to be happy”! If need be, use anything to physically remove them just by calling them “security threat” and you will be backed by management! Recently, his arrogant inflight attendant by the name of “Raymond” with a very short fuse was able to lie and exaggerate to… Read more »


Horrible Airline United, I’ll never fly again .

Seats Seats Seats !!!! Very very Disrespectful to your customer who have got you so far !

Treating us like Mule !


Only Southwest ! Cause they care !


The seats are horribly small and legroom barely exists. Just had the worst flight ever and I’m only 5’4″. My legs were hitting the seat in front of me.