United Airlines Reveals Its Star Wars Livery To The Galaxy

Last week, United Airlines revealed it is teaming up with the Star Wars film franchise to add a “Star Wars” plane to its fleet. The re-liveried B737-800 will also include an enhanced cabin.

United new livery 737 in flight
United to team up with Star Wars for one year. Photo: United Airlines

In the lead up to the release of the latest Star Wars film, United Airlines has revealed a new paint job on one of its aircraft. The company Boeing 737-800 (registration N36272) sports an all-Star Wars paint design and a specially decorated interior.

Writes Business Traveller, the aircraft’s new cabin caters for a “re-designed onboard experience.”

The new movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be released in US theaters on December 20th. United’s Star Wars-themed 737 took to the sky yesterday (07/11/19) and will remain in service for one year.

The repainted aircraft is slated to fly domestic routes within the US and serve destinations in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, according to Business Traveller.

We have contacted United Airlines for further comment.

Design specifics

According to United Airlines’ press release, the paint design captures, “the exotic atmosphere of the Star Wars galaxy.”

Across the fuselage have been added iconic images from the franchise, including X-wing and TIE fighters. A lightsabre adorns the plane’s tail fin. The black base paint creates a vivid 3D effect.

Of the design process, creative director of Lucasfilm Doug Chiang told Grit Daily,

Approaching the design for United Airlines was unlike anything I had ever done before.

I typically design for a flat screen when I design for films…an airplane fuselage presented a broad and exciting canvas.

We leveraged the curve of the fuselage to give the impression of three-dimensionality.

The resulting illusion is one of false dimensionLike a classical trompe l’oeil painting where the imagery seems to jump out of the canvas.

Added extras

Each passenger will receive a commemorative pin throughout December, according to United. The interior is redecorated, headrests feature the emblems of the Resistance and the First Order, and excerpts from the Star Wars soundtrack play as customers board the aircraft.

United B737 take-off
United spies commercial opportunity at every turn. Photo: United Airlines

A new safety video features more music and images from the 12 Star Wars films (including The Rise of Skywalker). The video includes cameo appearances of various characters from the franchise.

You can watch the video here:

Said Mark Krolick, head of marketing, “United Airlines and the Star Wars franchise share a common goal: connect people and unite the world.

We are thrilled to join forces and help promote the concluding chapter of the Skywalker story, while at the same time enlisting help from our new friends from the Star Wars universe to demonstrate the importance of safety for our customers and colleagues.

Amenity kits

For customers of Polaris, Premium Plus and Business class United offers a themed amenity kit. According to United’s announcement, members of Mileage Plus will be offered the opportunity to attend the movie’s premiers.

United jet in flight
The promotion offers United Airlines the chance to boost interest in products such as Polaris. Photo: United

Writes United, Mileage Plus members are able to bid award miles on the following added extras:

  • Star Wars premiers in Los Angeles and London
  • Travel packages for four to visit Star Wars film locations in Jordan
  • Exclusive screening of the film in United’s hub cities on December 19th
  • A collectors package including Star Wars branded items and a model of the resprayed 737

Promotional coup

United’s cashing in on the upcoming film has served it well.

A quick glance at social media shows widespread applause for the re-paint. And customers who are not able to travel on United’s new-look Boeing 737 can track the plane via FlightAware. The flight’s icon is an X-wing fighter.

Japanese carrier ANA is the only other carrier re-branding their livery to celebrate the soon-to-be-released movie. The airline will fly its C-3PO jet on domestic routes from December 1st until 14th.