United Airlines Trades Biscoff Biscuits For Oreo Thins


**Update: 21/02/20 @ 08:40 UTC –  A United spokesperson has informed us on when the Biscoff cookies will return; details below**

If you are having a tough day, your favorite cookie can offer a moment of bliss among the madness. For many United Airlines passengers, biting into a tasty Biscoff cookie midflight became something of a ritual. However, the carrier has shared that the Belgian biscuits will make way for the all-American Oreo Thins as part of its offering of free snacks.

United Airlines Newark
United Airlines is shaking up its selection of snacks with new sweet treats. Photo: Getty Images

Bold move

Biscoff is a brand owned by Lotus, a Lembeke-headquartered bakery. Its cookie-butter taste is unforgivingly moreish, especially when paired with a cup of hot tea or coffee. There is a premium feel about Biscoff cookies that takes the snacking experience to the next level.

Fox News reports that these snacks have been a permanent fixture on United flights since August of last year. The firm had also reportedly offered them on operations in years before it was formally made part of its services.

Additionally, other operators such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have also seen value in the cookie, offering them out on services that travel more than 250 miles.

United has now decided to go in another direction with its cookies by letting go of the classic and opting for a more modern initiative. Despite Oreos being a snack cupboard staple for around a century, Thins were only introduced in 2015. These cookies are also packed with sugary delight but the taste is completely different from what Biscoff offers.

Biscoff and coffee
Biscoff cookies offer a unique caramel flavor with a spicy undertone. Photo: pxfuel

Taking the biscuit

There will no doubt be many longing for the unique taste that only a Biscoff can offer. However, several fliers will also welcome the change as Oreos appeal to all sorts of consumers across the board, from children to adults.

Anyone who has tried to dip an Oreo into a hot drink knows the pain of losing half of it in the cup. However, Thins are more dunk-friendly than their siblings, with their sturdier structure.


A United spokesperson shared that the airline is always looking to revamp its array of snacks. Therefore, the move to introduce another type of cookie on its flights is a natural direction for the company in its bid to revise its cuisine.  

“Our complementary snack options continue to be a hit and we’re always looking for opportunities to introduce new selections,” a spokesperson for United said in a statement shared with Fox News.

“We plan to add Oreo Thins into the mix soon and look forward to the response from our customers.”

Oreo Thins
Oreo Thins are a modern take on the cookie sandwich classic. Photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr

Tough cookies

Before the permanent debut of Biscoff, United served pretzel twists, stroopwafels, and maple wafers as part of its selection. The latter was reportedly replaced by the Lotus biscuits in August. Nonetheless, Oreo Thins are a huge success across the globe. The slimline Oreo cookies will be appreciated by many who need a quick sugar fix in the skies.

A spokesperson for United reached out to us to share information about when the Oreo Thins will be introduced. Additionally, it won’t be too long before the Biscoff cookies are back.

We’re happy to see our inflight snack options are such a hit with our customers. As promised, we continue to switch up our snacks for variety,” the spokesperson told Simple Flying.

“Our customer-favorite stroopwafel is staying in the mix and we’re adding Oreo Thins in March. Biscoff fans, don’t fear, they’ll be back on board in May.”

Are you sad to see United push aside the classic Biscoff cookies or are you a fan of Oreo Thins? Let us know what you think in the comment section.