How United Airlines’ Cargo Division Is Responding To COVID-19

United Cargo has been offering its services to clients within the healthcare industry for more than a decade. The company yesterday shared how it is using its expertise to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

United Cargo
United Cargo is ready for the challenge. Photo: United Cargo

Up-to-date technology

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, United Cargo highlights three solutions that are key amid the ongoing global health crisis. The firm states that its TempControlLifeGuard, and QuickPak products protect the integrity of essential deliveries such as precision medicine, pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical equipment, and vaccines.

These tools implement processes such as temperature monitoring, thermodynamic management, and priority boarding & handling. Therefore, customers can be satisfied that their shipments are being protected.

United Cargo Plane
United Cargo is putting its faith in modern tech. Photo: United Cargo

Keeping prepared

Jan Kreme, United Cargo’s president, spoke about how his company is adapting amid the difficult time. The firm is also planning ahead to do its part in the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine. It is preparing to be ready for when the time comes.

“Providing safe air cargo transport for essential shipments has been a top priority since the pandemic began. While the entire air cargo industry has had its challenges, I’m proud of how United Cargo has adapted and thrived despite a significant reduction in network capacity and supply,” Kreme said, as per the press release.

“We remain committed to helping our customers make it through the pandemic, as well as to doing everything we can to be prepared for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution when the time comes.”

Notably, the prospective vaccines will be relying on cold chain logistics for an effective rollout. Nonetheless, United Cargo has already invested in equipment to ensure that it can offer reliable air cargo options for cold chain shipping. For instance, in April, it became the first United States-based carrier to lease temperature-controlled shipping containers made by DoKaSch Temperature Solutions.

Proactivity across the board

Altogether, United Cargo is prioritizing moving critical shipments as part of its focus on supporting the global supply chain. It has put together a COVID-19 readiness task team to make sure that it is prepared.

United Cargo Aircraft
Altogether, United Cargo has performed over 6,300 cargo-only flights and has moved more than 96 million kg of shipment across the globe. Photo: United Cargo

Whether its passenger flights or cargo services, United has been proactive during the pandemic. Since the beginning of the outbreak in the US, United Airlines has been helping frontline workers. For example, in April, it worked with officials to provide free return flights for medical volunteers in New York.

Meanwhile, United Cargo has assisted with the transportation of over 65 million kg of medical supplies to aid in the fight against the virus. It has been using a combination of cargo-only services and passenger operations.

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