United Airlines Distributes Food From Cargo Facilities

United Airlines is continuing to do what it can to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the airline announced that it had transformed one of its cargo facilities at George Bush Intercontinental Airport into a food distribution center.

United Airlines Aircraft
United Airlines is switching up its facilities to help the public amid the health crises. Photo: United Airlines

Working together

According to a press release, this conversion idea came from Mark Zessin, a United baggage team member. While several of United’s services are suspended, he is now leading a team of volunteers at the facility.

United Global Community Engagement vice president Sharon Grant said that she is proud that United’s employees are always looking for ways to make every action count. She said that this move is an excellent example of the power of working together with its nonprofit partners to tackle severe issues.

Staff members in Houston are sorting food packages and essential items before distributing them to those in need. As of today, employees have sorted and bagged just under 160,000 pounds of food and household products during their 5,000 hours of volunteering.

United cargo facility
There is plenty of space at the facility to hold the all-important products. Photo: United Airlines

Vital assistance

Houston Food Bank president and CEO Brian Greene shared how valuable this initiative is for the community. His organization serves over 104 million meals to vulnerable individuals and families in Southeast Texas.

United Airlines cargo
United’s employees are working together during these tough times. Photo: United Airlines

He said that United is a dedicated and essential partner, and his team will not forget its generosity. The institution has also placed measures to make sure the public obtains goods safely amid the outbreak.

“United and its team members are selflessly stepping up to help their neighbors by adapting their cargo center to be a produce inspecting, sorting and packing operation. Much of this food will be used at our new large-scale distribution model called ‘Neighborhood Super Site’ which expects to see 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles each event,” Greene said, as per the press release.

“Volunteers will also pick up product at the cargo center to then make safe, no-contact deliveries to reach households that must stay quarantined for their safety and the safety of others.”

United food
The community will appreciate distributed goods. Photo: United Airlines

The fight continues

Altogether, United is continuing to make use of its resources amid the global health crisis. Along with its special cargo operations, it has conducted 100 repatriation flights, returning nearly 17,000 passengers to their homes. Additionally, it is operating free flights for medical professionals traveling to New York, New Jersey, and California.

Furthermore, the airline has donated 2,000 amenity kits to healthcare workers. It also has offered $100k worth of advertising space in London to UNICEF to help educate about the virus. While the majority of its planes remain on the ground and its financials hit hard, it’s great to see the firm continue to assist where it matters.

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