United Donates Advertising Space To UNICEF Amid Virus Crisis

At a time when the aviation industry is grappling with unprecedented circumstances, some airlines are showcasing values of solidarity and goodwill. United Airlines has announced in a press release today that it will be donating its advertising space to UNICEF for awareness purposes relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

United Airlines is displaying compassion during these tough times. Photo: United Airlines

What are the details?

United Airlines has signed many advertising campaigns and media contracts with its partners worldwide. Most of these spring campaigns kick-off around the 15th of March. Assessing the current situation, United Airlines has planned to donate these advertising platforms for more meaningful use. This comes at a sacrifice of its personal branding and marketing strategy.

Gudrun Gorner, PR Manager, United UK stated in the press release:

United began to evaluate the Spring advertising campaigns and several of our campaigns in international markets were going to launch on 15 March 2020. These promotions didn’t feel right.

He added,

It wasn’t an appropriate time to run airline advertising, so United, along with agency partners Carat and mcgarrybowen, donated this media to UNICEF.

London is one of the most important hubs for United. Photo: Tony Hisgett via Flickr

London is a very important destination for United. During normal operations, it connects as many as seven destinations in the United States from its Heathrow hub. As of now, United has donated huge advertising spaces in London to UNICEF. Almost $100K worth of unused outdoor advertising area has been allotted for awareness purposes.

UNICEF will be utilizing this space for its efforts around education about COVID-19 and protecting children around the globe. An example of an ad that will be used has been provided below:

UNICEF’s initiative to spread awareness to children. Photo: United Airlines

How is United responding to the virus crisis?

In addition to helping other organizations, United Airlines is fighting the battle against coronavirus by sacrificing operations. It had recently announced that it will conclude all its transatlantic services (including London) by the end of the month. Moreover, all the flights to Central and South America have already been canceled. Yesterday, United operated the last westbound transatlantic flight from Cape Town (South Africa) to Newark (New Jersey).

United 787-9
United Airlines has indefinitely canceled Transatlantic services. Photo: Simple Flying

This is a very brave move considering the fact that its competitors, Delta and American Airlines, are still operating a number of European services. However, United has time and again expressed the importance of maintaining social distancing. It has even brought about changes in its in-flight services to battle the possible spread of the virus.

On all domestic and international flights, United will only serve pre-packaged meals and desserts. These amendments represent the dedication United Airlines has towards the safety of its passengers.


United Airlines has shown tremendous responsibility in these difficult times. Despite the plummeting demand for travel, United has already operated around 30 repatriation flights across Central and South America to help bring back stranded American citizens. As the situation gets worse, it will very much be expected that United will continue these applaudable efforts.

I was really impressed by United Airlines! Let us know what you think about United and its plans amidst these crises in the comments.