Emotional Support Rabbit Flies United Business Class To Japan

Stop the press, because this is the most important thing you’ll read today. A rabbit dressed in people clothes has been spotted flying in business class on United Airlines between San Francisco and Japan. OK, so it’s not ‘new’ news; the flight actually took place in May 2018. But thanks to the power of the interweb, we’ve just found the pictures and simply had to share the story with our readers.

united business class bunny
A bunny in business? Fur real? Photo: United/Mr Rex via Wikimedia/Simple Flying

How would you react?

We’ve heard some tall tales about so-called ‘emotional support animals’ flying in premium cabins; from massive dogs to tiny horses and even an emotional support possum. But if you thought you’d heard it all, today’s ‘hare-raising’ story might just get you hopping mad.

Imagine the scene; you’re all settled into your comfortable business class seat, ready for the 11 hour plus long haul across the Pacific Ocean, when your eyes fall upon your neighbor. It’s a bunny.

Not only is it a bunny, but it’s an incredibly classy bunny, dressed in a collar and bow tie with its very own seat, and even its own bowl of nuts to munch on. How would you react?

Meet Coco the rabbit

Coco is a classy Rex rabbit, so much so that she can often be found dressed in people clothes and generally looking far more stylish than the rest of us. When her owner Takako Ogawa had to move from her job at Google in San Francisco to Japan, she didn’t for one moment think of leaving her bunny behind.

Having flown before, Coco was reluctant to travel in the hold, full as it is with stressed-out barking dogs and other such inconveniences unbecoming of such a classy bun. Takako decided instead to take the hopportunity to fly her in the cabin in a special airline approved crate.

Arriving onboard her flight, Takako was informed that there would be no passenger using the adjacent business class seat. As such, Coco, dressed in her best attire, hopped to it and took up residence in the seat.

A warm welcome from the crew

Although a rabbit sitting in business might have raised a few eye-burrows among the passengers, the crew were incredibly excited to have such a special guest on board. Takako told the Metro,

“When I got my own ice cream sundae, the flight attendant looked over and asked if the rabbit wanted anything. I wasn’t sure what the rabbit could have, but she got some of the toppings like almonds and nuts and they put it on a very small plate for her. It was adorable. She did enjoy them. She was very happy.”

Apparently Coco was incredibly well behaved, not making a mess, defecating or chewing the seats…  that’s more than we can say for some human passengers. Takako told the Metro that the crew on board even swapped duties so each could get some time with their very special guest.

Coco and Takako both arrived none the worse ‘fur’ wear. However, we don’t expect to see the bunny on any more hareplanes any time soon. Takako says that, now she’s almost nine, she’s a bit too long in the tooth to fly.

Would you mind a bunny in business on your next flight? Or would you be worried they might rabbit on too much? Let us know in the comments.