Laptop Charger Fire Prompts United Airbus A320 Diversion

This morning a United Airlines flight diverted to Daytona Beach after a passenger’s laptop charger caught fire. Thankfully, United flight 1456 landed safely, and no damage or injuries were caused by the incident.

United Airlines, Battery Fire, Airbus A320
A United Airlines Airbus A320 was forced to divert after a laptop charger caught fire. Photo: Getty Images

Fires onboard aircraft can be serious. If it is not possible to extinguish the fire, it can spread quickly causing damage that can down an aircraft. Thankfully, this was not the case yesterday. While a passenger’s laptop battery charger caught fire, thankfully, the flames were safely contained.

According to Daytona Beach International Airport via social media, the aircraft involved made an emergency landing, however, thankfully everything was fine. Meanwhile, Business Insider reports that similar incidents have occurred onboard aircraft 268 times which have been reported to the FAA since 2006.

So what happened?

United Airlines flight 1456 was on its way from Newark Airport in New York to Nassau in the Bahamas when an incident took place. The flight was being operated by an Airbus A320 registered as N437UA. This aircraft is 23 years old, however, that is more a piece of interesting information than anything to do with the incident.

United Airlines, Battery Fire, Airbus A320
The aircraft opted to divert to Daytona Beach International Airport following the incident. Photo: FlightRadar24

Yesterday’s flight was due to depart from New York at 7:35, however, the flight was around 25 minutes late taking to the skies at 7:59. The incident occurred around two hours into the flight. At around 10 am The aircraft began to descend, additionally turning towards Daytona Beach. The flight landed a further 25 minutes later at around 10:25.

In a statement posted to its Facebook page, Daytona Beach International Airport said that the flight landed safely at around 10:30 am yesterday. They confirmed that it was a battery charger that caught fire, however, this was contained to the passenger’s bag which was put in a fire retardant container.

After around an hour on the ground, the aircraft returned to the skies for its onward journey to Nassau. After a further hour in the air, the aircraft finally arrived in Nassau. It touched down at around 12:29, around two hours after its scheduled time of 10:37.

What did United Airlines say?

Simple Flying contacted a United Airlines spokesperson regarding the incident. They told us:

“United Flight 1456, operating from Newark to Nassau, diverted to Daytona Beach due to an issue with a passenger’s backup laptop battery charger. Emergency personnel met the aircraft and customers remained onboard prior to the aircraft redeparting for Nassau. We appreciate the quick work of our employees on board to keep our customers and fellow employees safe.

Were you on board the aircraft? What do you make of the incident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!