United Passenger Caught Giving Himself A Haircut Mid Flight

Simple Flying has seen some rather absurd acts onboard aircraft. However, this latest act may take the biscuit. In a shocking Instagram video uploaded by @passengershaming, a United Airlines passenger was filmed shaving his head.

The shaving incident occurred onboard a United Airlines flight. Photo: United Airlines

Typically, passengers shamed for poor inflight hygiene like to place uncovered feet between seats. Sometimes this will also include placing bare feet on touch screen displays. However, these two types of incident mentioned do not have a visual impact. This is the main differentiating factor which the latest incident has. By leaving behind hair, later passengers will be aware that something happened here.

Lasting evidence

Usually, when passengers express poor hygiene on aircraft, it takes the form of protruding feet. While this is unpleasant for the passengers in the immediate vicinity, it is unlikely to be noticed by anybody on the next flight.

Hair, however, is an entirely different story. Small pieces of hair will likely remain on the seat in question. Even if the aircraft receives a fairly robust clean during the following turn around, pieces could still work their way into little cracks and crevices.

The passenger shaving his head took place on a United Airlines aircraft. The incident raises so many questions. Is this allowed on board aircraft? If not, why didn’t crew stop him? Finally, where should the line between acceptable and unacceptable be drawn? When asked these questions, United Airlines responded: We are aware of this video and are following up with our crew to learn more.”

Should shaving be allowed?

Yes and no. There should be absolutely no issue with shaving in the confines of a lavatory. This is a private space, and all of the hairs are typically caught in the sink, while the non-porous surfaces are easy to clean. However, one shouldn’t shave in the cabin, especially not without a way of catching the hairs. This is both unhygienic, and disrespectful to other passengers.

Overall, the court of social media has decided shaving should be saved for the bathroom or barbers shop. Photo: Renee Olmsted via Pixabay

Some Twitter users have particularly strong views on the matter, with one claiming:

What about bare feet?

Many people would argue that it is their right to bare their feet on board. Given that we live in a free society, this is hard to argue. However, when your feet start to offend other passengers, maybe it is a step too far?

One could argue that by placing feet on surfaces designed for many people to touch passengers are crossing a line. It seems as though a line should be drawn. It should be considered acceptable to air your feet during a flight should you so wish. However, feet should be kept to yourself, and not shared among other passengers.

Do you think it was acceptable for the passenger to shave? What are your thoughts on aircraft feet etiquette? Let us know in the comments down below!