United Airlines Trials Long-Haul Business And Economy Service Improvements

United Airlines is constantly expanding its international operations with new services and revamped aircraft. Additionally, the airline is also introducing further provisions to its business and economy classes on these routes.

United 767
United is testing out new initiatives on both its business and economy classes. Photo: United Airlines

Trial period

The Points Guy reports that, from the start of February, United will be trialing additional amenities on flights between Chicago O’Hare International and Tokyo Narita Airport. There will be improvements for those with business and economy tickets.

On these flights, United will board a set of pajamas for every single Polaris passenger. The Chicago-based carrier first introduced newly-designed pajamas last year. However, these seem to be limited as passengers often find that there aren’t enough left when they ask for them.

Now, there will be enough Polaris-themed apparel for everyone traveling to Tokyo from Chicago in the business cabin. Therefore, passengers can get extra cozy on this long haul operation.

Additionally, flight attendants are instructed to offer the outfits to business class travelers prior to takeoff. Alternatively, if there isn’t enough time, they will offer them after the plane has departed. Therefore, these passengers won’t have to ask if they want to receive them.

United Aircraft
United is looking to give its customers greater comfort on its services. Photo: United Airlines

Extras for everyone

Along with the business class addition, those in economy will be getting extra amenities on the same service. On both legs of the trip, all economy ticket holders will be offered earplugs, eyeshades, and dental kits. These items will be handed out by flight attendants after takeoff but before the main meal.

Even though United is only trialing these provisions on the Chicago-Tokyo route, it could expand them to more operations if the feedback is positive.

United has been going through an extensive reconfiguration process on its international fleet over the last year. Its long haul aircraft have been going through a Polaris conversion, which is expected to be fully completed by 2021. Therefore, United is introducing the new amenities alongside the rollout of the revised cabins.

The airline often places importance on provisions on its operations. Recently, it introduced a Star Wars-themed amenity kit to coincide with the release of The Rise of Skywalker. This was also matched with a Boeing 737-800 coated in Star Wars livery.

United Polaris 777 Star Wars
The carrier understands how amenities can go a long way for passengers. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

No signs of slowing down

Altogether, United is showing its intent by improving its international services. The new additions and the expansion process will combine well as United continues its growth. The airline is in a prime position to increase its presence in developing markets across the globe.

Simple Flying reached out to United Airlines for comment on the additions. A spokesperson for the airline shared that the carrier is constantly looking at ways to enhance the travel experience for its customers.

What are your thoughts on the added touches that United is introducing to their business and economy services? Let us know what you think in the comment section.