United Announces 7 New Long Haul Routes From San Francisco – Including Melbourne and New Delhi


Just yesterday we heard a rumor that United had something big under wraps

But now they have revealed seven new long-haul routes out of their hub of San Francisco!

What are the new routes?

United has been planning to launch 35 new routes (27 domestic routes and 8 international long-haul routes) by the end of 2019, and these 7 are the first for the west coast (They recently announced 6 new destinations in Europe as well!).


“We really feel it secures United as the premier gateway to the Pacific, It’s a capstone to 2018, which I think truly is a breakthrough year for United” – United CEO Oscar Munoz

Here are the new international routes with their frequency (Source).

  • Melbourne – MEL – (daily)
  • New Delhi – DEL- (daily)
  • Toronto – YYZ – (twice daily)
  • Amsterdam – AMS – (daily)
  • Seoul Incheon – ICN – (now 2x daily)
  • Auckland – AKL – (now year round, rather than seasonally)
  • Tahiti – PPT (now year round, rather than seasonally)

Our friends at SamChui have put together this excellent map that really shows off the new routes out of San Fransisco.


What are the most interesting routes?

Most of these routes were already in operation and just increase in frequency, but a few are actually a bit of a surprise.


United already flies to the world’s coffee capital (Melbourne) via LAX. To fly from San Fransisco does seem a bit like overkill but Qantas (Competitor to United over the Pacific) recently started this route earlier this year. Qantas runs an overnight service which arrives in the evening. United’s service will fly during the day, like most regular flights to Los Angeles. Both these two services fly on the same plane, the Dreamliner 787-9. Whichever is best will come down to soft product.


This route starts October 29th 2019.

New Delhi

The Indian international market continues to expand (despite the local market collapsing from insanely cheap flights) and United wants to get in on it. They already have a route to New York to New Delhi, but this is the first time they have flown from the west coast.

Service starts from December 5th.

What are the route details?

United has sent out the route details below:

UA104San FranciscoNew DelhiDaily7:15 p.m.12:45 a.m. +2 days787-9
UA105New DelhiSan FranciscoDaily4:00 a.m.6:10 a.m.787-9
UA060San FranciscoMelbourneTue/Thur/Sat10:50 p.m.9:40 a.m. +2 days787-9
UA061MelbourneSan FranciscoMon/Thur/Sat11:40 a.m.6:50 a.m.787-9
UA805San FranciscoSeoulMon/Tue/Thur/Sat4:55 p.m.9:35 p.m. +1 day777-200ER
UA806SeoulSan FranciscoMon/Wed/Thur/Sat11:25 a.m.6:10 a.m.777-200ER
UA565San FranciscoTorontoTwice daily10:25 a.m.6:30 p.m.737-800
11:00 p.m.7:00 a.m+1 day
UA459TorontoSan FranciscoTwice daily7:15 a.m.9:54 a.m.737-800
7:21 p.m.9:55 p.m
UA968San FranciscoAmsterdamDaily2:55 p.m10:20 a.m+1 day787-9
UA969AmsterdamSan FranciscoDaily2:50 p.m4:50 p.m.787-9
UA917San FranciscoAucklandTue/Thur/Sat11:10 p.m.7:20 a.m.777-200ER
UA916AucklandSan FranciscoMon/Thur/Sat2:30 p.m.6:40 a.m.777-200ER
UA917San FranciscoPape’eteTue/Thur/Sat1:15 p.m.6:55 p.m.787-8
UA916Pape’eteSan FranciscoTue/Thur/Sat9:15 p.m.8:25 a.m+1 day787-8

Are you excited to fly on any of these routes?