United Will Trial Allowing LAX Passengers To Reserve A Slot For TSA

In a pilot program running for three months at LAX, passengers flying with United Airlines will be able to reserve their spot for TSA security checks up to a day in advance. The airport calls it a ‘compelling service’, and United believes it will help save customers time when traveling over the upcoming holidays.

United 737 LAX
United passengers at LAX can pre-book their security screening slots during a pilot program for the next three months. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Fifteen minutes of fast lane

During the trial program, called LAX Fast Lane, which will run until January 18th, United Airlines passengers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are able to reserve a time slot for passing through the TSA checkpoint. Travelers flying with United from Terminals 7 and 8 can book a fifteen-minute window to go through security up to 24 hours before departure,

Time slots will be available on a daily basis from 06:15 to 13:00. Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), says it is a way for travelers to become more in control of their journey.

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Speaking about the plan, Erbacci commented,

“As part of the ongoing modernization at LAX, we are creating a digital marketplace in which the passenger is in charge of their entire journey right from their own device. Providing a service that allows our guests to know exactly when and how long it will take to get through airport security is a compelling service that holds great potential for busy travelers,” 

LAX fast lane
Passengers can reserve their slots in the LAX fast lane up to 24 hours before departure. Photo: LAX

QR-code checks

The pilot program is free and entirely optional. Upon making a reservation, customers will receive a QR-code to present at the TSA checkpoint at the designated time. They will then be allowed into a specially reserved screening lane.

The time chosen at reservation must be at least one hour before the scheduled departure. Meanwhile, LAX says that while booking through its online portal is highly encouraged, customers may be able to snag a spot on-site if there is availability.

According to TSA, security screening standards will be the same as for all other lanes. However, travelers who are part of the Trusted Traveler precheck program will not be able to exercise their benefits through the pilot corridor.

United 767
United believes the program will help customers save time when traveling over the upcoming holidays. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Traveling with United a ‘breeze’

United Airlines‘ Managing Director for LAX, Jonna McGrath, said that the airline expects this to be a useful way to save time, especially for those traveling through the upcoming holiday season. She further shared the following comment,

“We’re thrilled to be the launch airline to work with LAWA and TSA to bring this option to United customers at LAX. In addition to our many other innovations like agent on demand and the travel-ready center, we look forward to making the travel experience with United a breeze.”

Would you use a free, fast-track slot reservation service if it was available at your airport? What is the longest you have ever waited in line for security? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.