United Flies 1,000 Ventilators To The US From China On A 787

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, United Airlines is continuing to use its resources to help those in need. The Chicago-based carrier has been flying its Boeing 787 aircraft to bring in medical supplies and personal protective equipment from China.

United Cargo
United has been putting faith in its trusted 787-9 to help deliver important equipment to the United States. Photo: United Airlines

Special deliveries

According to a United press release, the airline has partnered with Flexport.org, the social impact branch of a freight specialist based in San Francisco. Last week the two groups collaborated to transport two shipments of vital goods to both New York and California.

The first of these deliveries arrived in San Francisco. The Dreamliner contained 1,000 ventilators, 70,000 goggles, and 300,000 masks. These products were donated by Alibaba co-founder and Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai, along with his wife, Clara Wu Tsai.

Following this, the equipment had to be moved across the country to the East Coast. Therefore, they were transferred onto a Boeing 777 to be flown to Newark Airport and eventually distributed across the New York City area. Altogether, 14 hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes were due to receive the items.

United 787 Cargo
The first stop for the goods was San Francisco International Airport. Photo: United Airlines

Later on in the week, another load came in from China to San Francisco. Products included surgical gowns, hazmat suits and several million more masks for Californian first responders. These units were unloaded at the airport as the protective equipment had to be put into trucks and be delivered to medical facilities in the Bay Area.

United Cargo 787
These United employees helping out are leading by example. Photo: United Airlines

Important partnerships

These flights are just one of many cargo operations that United is operating every day. Amid the downturn in passenger operations, the company is shifting much of its focus to shipping services.

“We are operating, on average, 20 cargo-only flights each day between six U.S. hubs and cities in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East,” United said, as per its press release.

“In the process of doing so, we are moving thousands of pounds of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and PPE, in addition to those mentioned above, to help stem the spread of COVID-19 and treat those afflicted.”

United Cargo 787 Interior
The Dreamliner has plenty of space to pack in the much-needed supplies. Photo: United Airlines

The fight continues

Ultimately, while United Airlines is also going through such a tough time, it is great to see the firm do its best to help during the global health crisis. Operations such as these will prove to be critical in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. With 52 787 Dreamliners within its fleet, United will be eager to put them into action during the global flight restrictions.

A spokesperson referenced a previous statement from United Cargo President Jan Krems. He said that connecting products to people around the world is his division’s mission. Therefore, this role has never been more crucial than during the current crisis.

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Simple Flying reached out to United for comment on its cargo operations during the pandemic.