United Airlines Encourages Young Adults To Download Its App With Exclusive Discounts

United Airlines is offering a 10% discount to young flyers. The offer is available to all 18-22-year-olds who book their flights through the United app and also have a United MileagePlus account.

A United Airlines Airbus A320
United is reaching out to young flyers. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr

United Airlines’ new young person’s discount will be available to all 18-22-year-old who have signed up to United’s MileagePlus frequent flyer program and who also book their tickets through the United app.

The offer will be available on all flights booked before 31st December which originate within the US, Mexico or Canada. It will still apply to flights which operate after this date, as long as they are booked before the end of the year. United Airlines will also be announcing certain additional international destinations soon.

As reported by Point Me To The Plane, the offer is targeted at young people who are looking to travel across the country, either to go home or visit friends and family. As a result, the offer is only available to coach-class seats and bookings with single ticket reservations. However, if more than one young adult wants to travel together, they can book separately on their own individual accounts.

Why is United offering the deal?

Savings of 10% can quickly add up, especially if thousands of individuals take advantage of the offer over multiple journeys. United must be confident of what they expect to gain from offering a 10% discount on so many flights.

A United Airlines Boeing 757
United Airlines wants to build brand loyalty. Photo: Transport Pixels via Flickr

Indeed, the airline has announced that it hopes to use the promotion to build an ongoing relationship with young passengers. Speaking to USA Today, United Airlines’ principal of planning and integration for MileagePlus, Will Ellingson, said,

“The reason why we’re doing this is we’re really interested in starting a relationship with newer, younger customers,”

Building brand loyalty can be an important way to differentiate yourself from rival airlines, especially in the fiercely competitive US market. As the promotion covers the young 18-22-year-old demographic, United is also aware that the environment is a big deal among its target demographic.

Air travel is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of environmentally-friendly transport. As a result, United Airlines will be carbon offsetting the first 25,000 flights booked under the promotion, via its Eco-Skies initiative.

Why push for customers to use an app?

The airline industry isn’t the only industry pushing its customers to use apps when shopping. Businesses in almost every sector, from fast food to fashion, have apps freely available for customers.

A United Airlines jet
Users must have a MileagePlus account to make use of the 10% discount offer. Photo: ltdccba via Flickr

This isn’t just a move to make shopping more convenient for the customer. While apps are generally much more user-friendly, they benefit businesses in a number of ways.

As opposed to shopping in-browser, either via mobile, desktop, or tablet, the amount of individual data companies can gather through apps is much greater. As well as being able to gain a much more detailed idea of purchasing habits, apps allow businesses to create a more streamlined shopping experience. Functionality can be tailored to encourage users to buy certain products or see certain offers.

The United app and the MileagePlus program will bring benefits to both the business and its customers. However, anyone hoping to make the most of the 10% discount should make sure to book before the end of the year.