United’s Domestic Widebody Flights – and How To Find Them

United operates dozens of domestic widebody flights, offering passengers the opportunity to fly an internationally-configured plane with better amenities like lie-flat seats in first class.

After its merger with Continental Airlines, United reconfigured 19 Boeing 777-200 aircraft into a domestic, high-density configuration. Fortunately for travelers up front, United kept its (old) lie-flat seats – albeit in a tight 2-4-2 configuration. Although the seats are last-generation and offer zero privacy, it’s a great ride for a domestic flight.

United’s domestic Boeing 777 fleet

United’s 777 “HD” (high density) aircraft fly primarily hub-to-hub routes and to and from Hawaii – see below for exact details on which routes have this aircraft. United’s domestic 777 fleet has 28 first class seats, 102 Economy Plus seats, and 234 seats in economy. It’s a tight squeeze in coach with a 3-4-3 configuration and no seatback entertainment.

United Airlines domestic 777
United’s high-density 777-200 aircraft with 28 lie-flat seats in first class. Image by United.

How to find United domestic widebody flights

The best way to find up-to-date domestic widebody schedules is to visit UnitedCargo.com. United publishes a monthly PDF schedule of all widebody flights – both domestic and international – across its network. The downloadable PDF can be found on the lower left corner of the main United Cargo website under “more news”.

> See the full PDF schedule here: UA Widebody Schedule (PDF)

A great way to fly United’s brand new Boeing 787-10 is on a transcontinental flight from Newark (EWR) to Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO). United’s 787-10 fleet has (real) Polaris seats and Premium Plus, United’s new international premium economy cabin.

United Boeing 777-300 773
United Boeing 777-300ER at San Francisco (SFO). Photo by Sam Roecker for Simple Flying.

United widebody flights from Chicago (ORD)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-Week
ORD – HNL 219777-200 (domestic) Daily
ORD – OGG202777-200 (domestic) M, Th, F, Sa, Su.
ORD – SFO 1742777-200 (domestic) Daily

United widebody flights from Denver (DEN)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-Week
DEN – HNL328777-200 (domestic) Daily
DEN – OGG1736777-200 (domestic) Daily
DEN – IAD672787-8 M, W, Th., F, Su.
DEN – IAH313777-200 (domestic) Daily
DEN – LAX1613777-200 (domestic) Daily
DEN – SFO 257777-200 (domestic) Daily
DEN – SFO 1939 787-8 Saturday

United widebody flights from Houston (IAH)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-Week
IAH – DEN376777-200 (domestic) Daily
IAH – EWR557767-400 (764) Daily
IAH – HNL253777-200 (domestic) Daily
IAH – IAD2091767-400 (764)Daily
IAH – LAX 1759787-9 (789) Daily
IAH – LAX2172777-200 (domestic)Daily
IAH – ORD1839777-200 (CO two-class) Daily
IAH – SFO 404777-200 (domestic) Daily
United Hawaii flights domestic widebody
United serves Honolulu (HNL) from all of its hubs. Image by GCMap.

United widebody flights from Los Angeles (LAX)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-Week
LAX – DEN 314777-200 (domestic) Daily
LAX – EWR2418787-10 Daily
LAX – EWR415777-200 (domestic) Daily
LAX – HNL 1158 777-200 (domestic) Daily
LAX – IAH 2352777-200 (domestic) Daily
LAX – IAH 2359 787-9 (789) Daily

United widebody flights from Newark (EWR)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-week
EWR – HNL363767-300 (763)Daily
EWR – IAH687767-400 (764) Daily
EWR – IAH1810777-200 (domestic) Daily
EWR – LAX 240787-10 Daily
EWR – LAX703777-200 (domestic) Daily
EWR – SFO 1848 787-10 Daily (except Sun)
EWR – SFO 497 777-200 (domestic) Daily
EWR – SFO 2143777-200 (domestic) Daily
EWR – SFO 1825777-200 (domestic) Daily
EWR – SJU 1523767-400 (764) Daily

United widebody flights from San Francisco (SFO)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-Week
SFO – DEN438787-8 (788) Fridays
SFO – DEN1013777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – EWR295777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – EWR 2319 787-10 Daily (except Sat)
SFO – EWR726777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – EWR1796 777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – HNL 1175777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – HNL 300777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – HNL 1509777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – IAD291777-200 (Polaris or three-class int'l) Daily
SFO – IAD727787-8 or 787-10 Daily
SFO – IAH 2377777-200 (domestic) Daily
SFO – ORD624777-200 (domestic) Daily

United widebody flights from Washington Dulles (IAD)

RouteFlight #AircraftDays-of-Week
IAD – DEN 505787-8 (788) M, T, Th., F, Su.
IAD – HNL345767-400 (764) Saturdays
IAD – IAH762767-400 (764) Daily
IAD – SFO 424787-8 or 787-10 Daily
IAD – SFO 340 777-200 (Polaris or three-class int'l) Daily
United Boeing 777-300
United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER taking off. Photo by United.