Unvaccinated Americans Could Soon Be Barred From Entering The EU

International air travel is slowly returning, but virus cases are also on the rise again. Therefore, the European Union is mulling over plans to soon introduce restrictions such as quarantine and testing for those traveling from additional countries if they are not vaccinated.

US passengers flying in and out of the European Union may have to consider their options. Photo: Getty Images

Changing requirements

Among the countries being looked at are the United States, North Macedonia, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon, and Kosovo. Presently, these nations are on a list of states that don’t require additional coronavirus restrictions. The likes of Japan, Ukraine, and Qatar are on this 23-member list.

However, amid the rise of new cases, Reuters reports that two diplomats shared that the United States, along with the five other nations could be removed from the safe travel roster. The decision could be made final on Monday. Even though some EU countries currently have their own restrictions in place, the whole 27-country bloc would follow if the new approach is confirmed.

The EU currently has relaxed requirements for passengers flying in from the US. However, the North American country still has strict measures in place for travelers from the EU. Unless exempt, there are limitations for those who have been in the European Schengen Area and the Republic of Ireland in the last 14 days. The United Kingdom, which has now left the union is also still largely restricted from flying to the US.

Delta Airbus A330
Several US airlines have been ramping up flights to the EU. Photo: Getty Images

Going through the motions

Numerous airlines flying between the United States and the European Union have been making important calls regarding their vaccination policies. The likes of Lufthansa and Swiss recently shared that they are requiring mandatory crew vaccinations. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Delta Air Lines shared that it is adding a $200 surcharge for unvaccinated members of staff. The Atlanta-based carrier has 75% of its employees already vaccinated.

Notably, President Joe Biden met with United Airlines earlier this month to talk about boosting the US vaccination program. The Chicago-based carrier mandated vaccines for its 67,000 employees. However, American Airlines shared that it is not planning to mandate vaccinations for its members of staff. Instead, the Texan outfit is offering incentives to get jabbed.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300 with registration N717AN is
With new global requirements, airlines may have to make further vital calls. Photo: Getty Images

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A new era

With all the new requirements, the aviation industry is looking to make it easier for passengers and airlines to adapt. Innovations such as the IATA Travel Pass are being introduced following trials to help passengers record their testing and vaccination details and help them understand the present travel requirements. The app also links with the UK and EU vaccine passes. In the next chapter, initiatives such as this will go a long way.

What are your thoughts about vaccination requirements across the continents? Do you feel that more countries will require vaccinations for smoother travel? Let us know what you think of the situation and the industry’s prospects in the comment section.