Fight Occurs On Ural Airlines Flight After Landing In Moscow

A fight erupted on a Ural Airlines flight after it landed in Moscow. The altercation occurred between two men on the plane, one of whom allegedly bumped into the other while trying to exit the aircraft. Let’s find out more.

Ural Airlines A320
The incident occurred on a Ural Airlines A320 after landing in Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Photo: Igor Dvurekov via Wikimedia Commons

Fight breaks out onboard

The fight occurred on a flight between Sochi and Moscow Domodedovo, onboard a Ural Airlines A320. The flight had few passengers, with social distancing onboard. However, one passenger was quite eager to disembark, leading to the incident.

According to reports from those on the aircraft, the incident occurred once the flight landed in Moscow. One of the men tried to exit the plane soon after touchdown, crashing into passengers standing in the aisle. A passenger in the aisle objected, leading to a verbal exchange that evolved into the fistfight.

A part of the fight was captured on video, which shows the two men attacking each other as the crew attempts to break up the fight. However, the crew were left watching as the men yell profanities and continue fighting. Passengers also look visibly alarmed as they watch the fighting continue, some making videos too.

Possible social distancing violation?

According to some news sources, the seated passenger was angered when the other “touched” him while trying to exit the plane. The light load of the flight meant most did have a free seat next to them, and while touching another passenger is not generally a cause for concern, given the current climate, it seems it could have been the trigger for the altercation.

Most agree that social distancing will not work on aircraft long term, but while tensions remain high and passengers worried about their safety, most prefer to keep their distance for the time being.

Ural Airlines
This flight had few passengers, allowing social distancing onboard. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

Russia has banned all international flights but is still allowing domestic flights to continue. The country has seen a massive rise in coronavirus cases, making it the third worst-affected country in the world. This could be one of the reasons why tensions were running high on the flight, as passengers try to stay safe as well as disembark as soon as possible.

The captain of the flight later called the Moscow police, who detained both men. The Russian Interior Ministry has said that both men are in custody, however, more details were not given. Incidents on board a fight are not a new event, although we could see new reasons for the same, as passengers perceive flying as a risky event.


This incident clearly shows how matters can quickly get out of hand, especially when passengers are tense during the coronavirus-era. The flight crew seemed to be struggling to calm the men down and break apart the fight, which led to the police intervention. While it is unclear who instigated the fight, it is clear that there was no social distancing during the fight.

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