US Mainland To Hawaii Flights: What Are The Options In 2021?

There are 65 non-stop routes from Hawaii to the US mainland next week, with 151 daily departures. Across the whole summer, over two million extra seats have been added. Some 17 states are now served, with Florida and North Carolina joining the map. California has added over a million seats, with San Diego the best-performing airport.

US Mainland To Hawaii Flights: What Are The Options In 2021?
There are 65 routes from Hawaii to the mainland US next week. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

The route map between Hawaii and the US mainland next week is summarized in the table below. There are 1,058 departures, equivalent to 151 each day. An extra 118 weekly departures have been added versus the same week in 2019.

The ubiquitous B737-800 is the most-used aircraft, although the A330-200 is only very marginally behind thanks to Hawaiian. Widebodies are more commonly used than before. They have three in ten mainland flights, 89 more this week than two years ago.

FromToWeekly non-stop departures (week beginning May 31st, 2021)
HonoluluLos Angeles109
KahuluiLos Angeles76
HonoluluSan Francisco45
KahuluiSan Francisco43
KonaLos Angeles39
LihueLos Angeles31
HonoluluSan Jose28
KonaSan Francisco25
HonoluluSan Diego22
KahuluiSan Diego22
KahuluiSan Jose22
HonoluluLas Vegas19
HonoluluChicago O'Hare14
HonoluluDallas Fort Worth14
HonoluluLong Beach14
KahuluiDallas Fort Worth14
KahuluiLong Beach14
KonaSan Jose14
LihueSan Francisco11
LihueSan Jose8
HonoluluNew York JFK7
HonoluluSalt Lake City7
HonoluluSanta Ana7
KahuluiSalt Lake City7
KonaSan Diego7
LihueSan Diego7
HiloLos Angeles5
KahuluiChicago O'Hare5
HonoluluWashington Dulles4
KonaChicago O'Hare4
KonaDallas Fort Worth4
KahuluiLas Vegas3

Five Hawaii airports have non-stops: Honolulu (470 weekly departures); Kahului (332); Kona (155); Lihue (96); and Hilo (five). While Honolulu is connected to 28 mainland airports, Hilo retains its one route: to Los Angeles.

US Mainland To Hawaii Flights: What Are The Options In 2021?
There are 65 non-stop routes next week. Image: GCMap.

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17 mainland states are served

Hawaii has non-stop service to 17 mainland US states this summer. This is up by one over summer 2019 (S19) from Florida and North Carolina being added but Michigan being cut. Delta inaugurated Detroit-Honolulu in June 2019 initially using B767-400ERs, but the route ended in early 2020.

Hawaiian Airlines started Honolulu to Orlando in March this year, with this route now served three-weekly using A330-200s. The carrier says Orlando is performing well so far, with seat load factors comparable to well-established Boston and New York JFK, although this says little of pricing on what is a new and long service.

Meanwhile, American Airlines began Charlotte-Honolulu this month, with the 4,678-mile route served seven-weekly. It uses three-class B777-200ERs, which have more or less completely replaced the A330 at its North Carolina hub.

US Mainland To Hawaii Flights: What Are The Options In 2021?
United is the top airline between Hawaii and the mainland next week. It has 28 routes and 242 departures. The B767-300ER, as shown here will be used the most. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

A record for summer for Hawaii

Hawaii to the US mainland has the most capacity ever this summer. Some 13.77 million round-trip seats are available, up by over one-fifth (21%) in comparison to S19. Travelers can now avoid quarantine on arrival if they follow the Aloha State’s testing procedures and present eligible negative results. This may boost demand further.

At the time of writing, there almost 2.4 million additional seats this summer, including from:

  • Five of the seven scheduled operators growing. Predictably, this was hugely about Southwest (+1.70 million), which only launched island service in March 2019. However, American Airlines, Hawaiian, Delta, and Alaska have all grown well
  • 69 unique mainland routes, up by nine
  • 131 routes (if competition is considered), up by 26, helped by Southwest and Hawaiian’s latest expansion
  • 28 US mainland airports served, an increase of three
US Mainland To Hawaii Flights: What Are The Options In 2021?
Hawaii’s increase is mainly from Southwest. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

California has added over one million seats

Some 12 states have grown capacity to/from Hawaii. California has seen the most, with an extra 1.13 million, as shown below.

  • California: +1.13 million seats; up by 16%
  • Washington: +349,955; +29%
  • Arizona: +251,513; 49%
  • Nevada: +164,660; 53%
  • Utah: +129,570; +161%

Nine California airports are linked non-stop to Hawaii, with Ontario and Orange County now part of the network. San Diego is the biggest winner, with nearly 360,000 extra seats, from Southwest launching Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, and Lihue. San Diego to all four Hawaii airports has grown by between 71% and 119% – massive.

Are you planning to visit Hawaii this year? If so, where are you flying to/from and with which airline? Let us know in the comments.