Four Years After Leaving Kyiv Uzbekistan Airways Is Back

After previously cutting service to Kyiv, Uzbekistan Airways announced via press release last week that weekly charter flights will recommence from October 5th, 2019. Operating over the weekend, an A320 will fly for Uzbekistan Airways to Kyiv. This route resumption comes four years after Uzbekistan Airways cut service to the Ukranian capital.

Uzbekistan Airways 757
Uzbekistan Airways is returning to Kyiv after a four-year hiatus. Photo: Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways’ new route to Kyiv

The new route will operate on Saturday and Sunday– depending on which direction you travel. At 23:55 on Saturdays, the A320 will depart from Tashkent bound for Kyiv. Then, at 02:45 local time, the aircraft will land in Kyiv. Then, the Uzbekistan Airways flight will leave Kyiv en route to Tashkent. Departing at 04:15 local time, the aircraft will touch down in Tashkent at 10:45.

Four Years After Leaving Kyiv Uzbekistan Airways Is Back
Uzbekistan Airways is returning to Kyiv with Airbus A320 aircraft. Photo: Uzbekistan Airways

This once-weekly service is actually not part of Uzbekistan Airway’s normal route services. Instead, this service is operating on behalf of Charter Flights Group LLC. who are handling the ticketing of this route.

Kyiv to Tashkent

Uzbekistan Airways suspended flights from Tashkent to Kyiv on May 12, 2015, as per reports from CH-Aviation. Historically, it also seems that Uzbekistan and Ukraine have had some tensions in terms of services on this route. Ukraine International Airways also suspended service between the two capital cities after Ukraine and Uzbekistan hit a roadblock on frequency allocations for Ukraine International.

The route between Ukraine and Uzbekistan has been under contention before. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

Uzbekistan Airways had suspended services between the two cities. However, Ukraine International Airlines only ended service from Kyiv once the two governments could not reach an agreement. Since then, the first service on this route is now coming from the Uzbekistan flag carrier.

Uzbekistan Airways
Uzbekistan Airways suspended this route before Ukraine International Airlines. Photo: Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways

The Uzbek flag carrier has one of the most colorful of liveries in the world, and is perhaps well-remembered for their initiative to weigh passengers. They operate a mixed fleet consisting of Airbus A320s, Boeing 767s, 757s, and even 787s! The Boeing 787s fly to destinations like Frankfurt and New York. Furthermore, Uzbekistan Airways used to operate IL-114 turboprops. Unfortunately for aviation geeks, these have all been retired

Uzbekistan Airways 787
Uzbekistan Airways flies the 787 to destinations like Frankfurt and New York. Photo: Uzbekistan Airways

From their hub in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital city, the airline has an impressive footprint that stretches into India and Thailand. This winter, the airline will operate once-weekly flights to Phuket onboard Boeing 767 aircraft.


Eastern Europe is a growing sphere in the aviation world. From superhub airports to the expansion of low-cost carriers, there is plenty of demand for travel to the region. These new charter flights to Kyiv on Uzbekistan Airways is just a continuation of this trend.

Will you fly with Uzbekistan Airways to Kyiv? Have you flown with Uzbekistan Airways? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments