Uzbekistan Airways Selling Boeing 757s and 767s In Fleet Renewal Plan

Do you have a spare $12m, or even $23m lying around? Are you looking for a way to spend it? Well, perhaps you might be interested in a 20-year-old Boeing 757 or 767. Uzbekistan Airways is selling another four of its aging aircraft as part of its continuing fleet renewal plan. Posting the details on its website – it looks like anyone can inquire.

Uzbekistan Airways Selling Boeing 757s and 767s In Fleet Renewal Plan
The 767 has been a staple of the airline’s widebody fleet. Photo: Getty Images

Fleet renewal

The sale of the four aircraft is part of a larger fleet renewal process that the airline has been undertaking. The newer additions that the airline has taken on include the Airbus A320neo and the Boeing 787-8.

Uzbekistan Airways Selling Boeing 757s and 767s In Fleet Renewal Plan
 The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is one of the newest additions to the fleet with two being added in 2019. Photo: Getty Images

The aircraft for sale

UK-75701 is a Boeing 757-200 that has been with the airline since it came from Boeing. The aircraft is 20 and a half years old and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines. Its current seat configuration is 26 business and 158 economy. Asking price: US$12.03m.

UK-75702 is another Boeing 757-200 which is the same age as UK-75701. It’s engines and seat configuration are identical as well. However, the asking price is a little higher: US$12.4m.

Uzbekistan Airways’ Boeing 767s are a little younger and a bit more expensive. Here are the details:

UK-67007 is a Boeing 767-300ER powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines. The aircraft is almost 18 years old and has a seat configuration of 18 business and 246 economy. Asking price is US$21.41m.

Finally, UK-67008 is a Boeing 767-300ER and is also powered by Pratt & Whitney engines. This aircraft offers the same seat configuration as UK-67007 but is a little younger. In fact, it is just over 15 years old. The asking price: US$22.36m.

Uzbekistan Airways Selling Boeing 757s and 767s In Fleet Renewal Plan
Behind the Sunday Airlines 757 are a few of Uzbekistan Airways’ aging Boeings. Photo: Getty Images

Ongoing sales

According to Russian Aviation Insider, last August Uzbekistan Airways was already selling off its older passenger Boeings. It was also putting up its Soviet-built turboprop fleet and all of its freighter aircraft up for sale. That round of sales saw a total of 18 aircraft put on the market including:

  • Two 1999-vintage Boeing 757-200s
  • Two Boeing 767-300ERs that were produced between 2003 and 2004
  • Two Boeing 767-300BCFs freighters (built in 1996 and 1997)
  • Seven Ilyushin IL-114-100 turboprops (built between 1999 and 2013) along with a full flight simulator for the type.
  • Five Ilyushin IL-76TDs (1982 and 1992)

The major renewal is in line with a November 2018 government decree that refers to “the measures for radical improvement of civil aviation in Uzbekistan”. The declaration was issued by Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the country’s president.

According to the renewal plan, next year Uzbekistan Airways will have six Dreamliners in its fleet, making it the leading operator of the type in CIS (commonwealth of independent states) countries. Transport minister Ilkhom Makhmov had also revealed previously that the airline is reviewing its position on its smaller regional aircraft (with seating capacities of between 70 and 90 passengers), for its domestic routes. Overall, the airline’s fleet is expected to reach 38 units by 2025.

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