Vietjet Orders 50 Airbus A321neo’s Bringing Total Planes On Order To 325

Vietjet has boosted the aviation industry by ordering an additional 50 Airbus A321 orders, bringing their on order total up to 325 jets!

This is a follow up to their memorandum of understanding to order back at the Farnborough Airshow.

The order was officiated at a ceremony in the Vietnamese city of Hanoi, with the Airbus’ Chief Commercial Officer, Christian Scherer, attending (Perhaps fresh from his trip to China to poach Boeing customers).

The President and CEO of VietJet, Nguyen Thi Phuong, signed the order and claimed that the A321neo would be the next key part of their growing fleet.

The fuel-efficient A321neo will enable use to increase capacity and help us to expand the network significantly, especially on international routes. – Nguyen Thi Phuong

Vietjet CEO also mentioned it was part of their plan to have an average fleet age of only three years.

This deal, worth around $6.5 billion USD based on the list price of the A321neos, is one of the largest since the airshow earlier this year. As more memorandum of understanding ‘contracts’ come due, we might expect Vietjet competitors to quickly finalize their orders.

Vietjets fiA321neo aircraft vietjet
The first Vietjet A321neo aircraft.

Of course, these jets are not the only ones that Vietjet has on ‘order’…

How many orders does Vietjet have with Boeing and Airbus?

Currently, Vietjet has the following orders (and current fleet):

Aircraft Current Fleet Orders
Airbus A320-200 23
Airbus A321-200 30 6
Airbus A321neo 3 169 (119 originally but an extra 50 with this order)
Boeing 737 MAX 8 120
Boeing 737 MAX 10 80
Total 56 325

As you can see, Vietjet has been very lucrative for both Boeing and Airbus, with 120 Boeing 737 MAX 8’s, it is one of the largest orders for Boeing this year (valued at more than $12.7bn at list prices).

Vietjet and Boeing signed a deal for 100 737s at the Farnborough Air Show

Vietjet placed provisional orders for the A321neo jets and 100 Boeing 737 MAX jets at the Farnborough air show and has been in negotiations to complete the deals, with deliveries expected between 2020 and 2025. – Routers

Vietjet is Vietnams biggest private airline and operates 385 flights daily within Vietnam and to countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

This makes the A321neo a perfect plane…

Why did Vietjet choose the A321neo?

The A321neo will open up new routes for Vietjet, and complement its existing fleet of domestic planes.

Vietjet Orders 50 Airbus A321neo’s Bringing Total Planes On Order To 325
It is not known if they will upgrade any of the A321neos to long range (LR) version, but this would greatly expand their reach.

In a separate ceremony, Vietjet also signed a memorandum of understanding for engine and plane maintenance with CFM International, approx worth $5.3 billion USD.

It remains to be seen if they will complete their order with Boeing.

Are you excited to fly with Vietjet on board their new fleet?