Here Is How Vietnam’s Pacific Airlines Celebrated Christmas Inflight

Vietnam’s Pacific Airlines celebrated Christmas in a fun way for passengers inflight. Flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, the airline offered each traveler a little gift on board, and a fun inflight experience that it hopes will be a memorable flight for everyone.

Pacific Airlines Christmas
Pacific Airlines made a routine flight on Christmas a little more special. Photo: Pacific Airlines

Pacific Airlines celebrates Christmas

Flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi on Christmas Day, Pacific Airlines decided to make a routine flight more enjoyable. Shortly after takeoff, the crew jumped into action.

First, there were some Christmas-themed performances for the customers. After this, flight attendants passed around a gift bag to each passenger. Inside each bag was a Pacific Airlines teddy bear, mask, and a can of Pepsi. The cabin was also decorated ahead of time with little ornaments hanging from the overhead bin.

The crew passed out gift bags inflight. Photo: Pacific Airlines

Though the gift was nothing extravagant, it is a nice way to make a routine flight on a special day a little more exciting. From the looks of it, passengers were glad for the experience.

From the looks of it, passengers and crew were excited to be onboard the flight. The plane went out relatively full, which is a testament to the Vietnamese domestic market’s relatively strong recovery.

Special day
It was a special day onboard the aircraft. Photo: Pacific Airlines

Christmas onboard aircraft

Some people choose to fly on Christmas, while others would rather fly the day before or after if they do need to fly. December 25th is one of the slowest travel days of the year and was even slower this year thanks to the ongoing crisis in many parts of the world, including the United States.

Vietnam’s Pacific Airlines is not the only airline in the world to celebrate Christmas onboard. British Airways is well-renowned for onboard celebrations, though it was a little different this year.

Some airlines will choose to do something special for inflight meals at or around Christmas. Emirates is one such carrier that offers special Christmas dinners in all cabins of travel through the end of December. On Christmas Eve or Christmas itself, Emirates offers passengers a little treat to take home. If you are flying in first class, you can get a vanilla cupcake. Gingerbread trees are reserved for customers in business class, while economy class customers can depart with a chocolate truffle in hand.

Vietnam’s Pacific Airlines

From July 31st, Pacific Airlines began its new era of operations, with new flight attendant uniforms that match the color scheme of the air carrier.

Here Is How Vietnam’s Pacific Airlines Celebrated Christmas Inflight
The Airbus A320 was painted in the new Pacific Airlines livery. Photo: Pacific Airlines

Before becoming Pacific Airlines, the carrier was known as Jetstar Pacific. A partnership between Vietnam Airlines and Qantas, Vietnam Airlines became the majority owner after Qantas decided to cut down its stake in the low-cost carrier. Seeking to move beyond the Jetstar brand and compete with a number of low-cost carriers and start-ups in the market, Vietnam Airlines decided to rebrand the airline as “Pacific Airlines.”

The airline itself has a fleet of 15 Airbus A320 aircraft, according to data from All of these aircraft previously flew under the Jetstar Pacific brand, which has now been fully retired.

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