In Photos: Virgin Galactic Reveals New Cabin Interior

On July 28th, Virgin Galatic gave wannabe-astronauts their first glance at what consumerized space travel could look like. In an event broadcast on YouTube, the part-aerospace company revealed a high-caliber cabin complete with thoughtful details and practical ergonomic design. Though an inaugural flight date is yet to be set, the latest sneak peek delivers some degree of confidence for the future.

SpaceShipTwo Unity Second Glide Flight over Spaceport America
Virgin Galactic has unveiled the interior cabin for VSS Unity. Photo: Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic reveals new cabin interior

Earlier this week, Virgin Galactic took to social media to share a sneak peek of its brand new cabin on one of its spaceships. During the live streaming event, which is now available to watch on YouTube, the company shared the design, which it says maximizes safety and enhances customer experience.

With ergonomically designed seating, multiple viewing points, and atmospheric lighting, the hope is that Virgin Galactic’s first SpaceshipTwo, named VSS Unity, will inspire space travelers to fly with confidence.

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Unique space views for hopeful astronauts

600 passengers have already placed their deposits to fly with Virgin Galactic on its inaugural space mission. When it goes ahead, those lucky and privileged few will be able to take advantage of a cabin explicitly designed to meet their needs.

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Cabin Interior
Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity will be able to take six travelers to space at a time. Photo: Virgin Galactic

Each reclining chair within the six-seater cabin is individually-sized and designed to manage the G-force of the flight at the pilot’s control. Each seat will come with its own porthole-style window offering the traveler unique and uninterrupted views from space. What’s more, ambient LED lighting around the window will set the mood and conclude with darkness at the peak of the flight. At this point, the view of Earth will be most impressive against the black backdrop of the galaxy.

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Seats Rotated Back In Space
Six roof windows show off more impressive vistas of space. Photo: Virgin Galactic

For a fully immersive experience, six additional windows have been added to the top portion of the cabin, and a further five are located throughout the vessel.

However, to make the most of the experience, Virgin Galatic has also gone a few steps further. A circular mirror will allow astronauts to see themselves in space, while 16 cameras planted throughout the cabin will offer 360 degrees of panoramic views.

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Cabin Mirror
A reflective mirror gives vanity views from within the cabin. Photo: Virgin Galactic

Experiencing weightlessness

However, it’s not all about pretty scenery; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore, Virgin Galactic actively encourages its passengers to experience the weightlessness of zero-gravity. At the peak of the flight, passengers can release themselves from their seats and move about the cabin. To realize this practically, Virgin Galactic has placed footholds and handrails as well as soft surfaces through the cabin.

It certainly seems that Virgin Galatic has put a lot of work into this aircraft and for good reason. Though deposits for tickets cost just $1,000, full fares come in at $250,000 per person. The flight will last a brisk yet enjoyable 90 minutes on a trip 60 miles above the Earth. So, when will the first flight be announced?

View from Space on Virgin Galactic's First Spaceflight
When will Virgin Galactic take its first flight? Photo: Virgin Galactic

Despite Richard Branson’s hopefulness, the inaugural space flight with Virgin Galactic is yet to be defined. In 2018, Branson had said that he wanted to fly within months, rather than weeks. However, in the current climate, space travel may be subject to further delays. That said, a cabin reveal such as this does show promise for the future.

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