Visiting The Same Priority Pass Restaurant Twice In A Day


With Priority Pass now including restaurants in select US airports, many have asked “how can I make the most of this benefit?”

Loved for the lounge access offered by its program, Priority Pass now offers guests the additional offer of $28 credit for its members to use at select airport restaurants. This is a fantastic benefit if you’re travelling often, allowing you to eat for free at restaurants that would normally charge you a premium.

How To Access This Benefit

If you hold a Priority Pass, you can simply be seated at the restaurant. Similarly to accessing the lounge, you need to check in as soon as you sit down. This opens your check, and allocates your $28 to it. Doing this straight away ensures that your credit is correctly issued, and you’re not stuck with a bill you didn’t want to pay. Whilst any participating restaurant should accept the benefit, its worth just checking first to avoid any awkward situations.

Once you have finished your meal, you simply ask for the bill. While this will come to $0 if you haven’t exceeded your allocation, you will need to pay any excess above $28. You are also expected to add a gratuity to the amount you would’ve spent at this point.

Photo of Priority Pass
A Priority Pass costs between $99 and $399 for a years membership. Photo: Priority Pass

Using The Benefit Twice

If you’ve already eaten but have a long layover, or worse a delayed flight you’re in luck. There is nothing stopping you using the benefit more than once in a day. In fact a manager called Adam from the Priority Pass restaurant in Denver explained how this process works.

“My name is Adam, and I am an assistant manager at Timberline Grille. Priority Pass allows additional check-ins after two hours, so if you have a long flight, you are welcome to get another check in processed for another round of $28 credit after this two hour time frame has passed.”

While being incredibly generous, this benefit means that you can have multiple meals at the airport, time permitting. You could also theoretically have a meal at both your departure and destination airports.


Where Can I Use This Benefit?

There are currently 17 restaurants across 13 airports in the US signed up to the Priority Pass restaurant scheme. You will find restaurants at Boston (BOS), Cleveland (CLE), Denver (DEN), Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP), Indianapolis (IND), Lexington (LEX), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), New York (JFK), Portland (PDX), St. Louis (STL), Syracuse (SYR), and Washington DC (DCA).

One thing to bear in mind is that each time you use this benefit, it counts as a lounge access. Because of this, unless you have the Prestige Priority Pass, it may be worth only using once per flight. Lounge access costs $27 once you have used up your free allowance.

Next time you fly from one of these airports why not try the restaurant. Maybe you’ll even have enough time for more than one meal!