Vistara Set To Receive First Boeing 787 Dreamliner In February

Boeing is due to deliver Vistara’s first Boeing 787 as early as February. The first of six aircraft will be used for local expansion, international routes and to start the airline’s first widebody operations.

Boeing 787-9
Vistara will take its first 787-9 in 2020. Photo: Boeing

What are the details of this order?

There is nothing more exciting than getting something you ordered delivered. Be it a shiny fridge, a fresh pair of shoes or a state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

We can imagine what the team at Vistara is feeling with the news that their very own first Boeing 787 is set to be delivered in February. This will be the first widebody aircraft for Vistara, which currently has 12 Airbus A320s, 19 A320neos, and nine Boeing 737-800s.

This new order is the first of six Boeing 787-9 aircraft to be delivered to the airline, and the carrier has an option waiting in the wings (pun intended) for another four. One of these aircraft may have originally been for Hainan Airlines.

They also have six Airbus A321neos on order.

Where will these aircraft fly?

There are two major markets that Vistara believes the Boeing 787 will be perfect for. The first is local short-haul routes across India, that have vast demand and will give the aircraft a good run for its money. Likey, Vistara will first deploy the Boeing 787 between New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata (Calcutta), India’s three most majorly populated cities.

This will be to train the crew with the new aircraft and to show off the new craft to local customers.

The 2nd area that they will deploy the Boeing 787 fleet is more interesting – international routes.

Vistara has not commented on where it might fly the aircraft, only that it is ‘suited to routes to Europe and East Asia’. More clues lie in their current airline partners: Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, British Airways, and United Airlines. Vistara would likely not step on anyone’s toes but look for opportunities to codeshare, perhaps to London with British Airways.

Another possibility is partnering with Japan Airlines to operate routes to Tokyo. Currently only ANA (Japan Airline’s rival) operates routes from Tokyo to Mumbai. By opening up a route from this city, Vistara could help stem the operations of a rival airline and open up a new market for themselves. They would do a joint codeshare swap with JAL for the Tokyo – New Delhi route.

“Boeing 787 Dreamliners that start joining its fleet from February to be deployed on medium-haul routes like London and Tokyo from March-end”Times Of India

What will it be like to fly on them?

As Vistara has been only operating short-haul aircraft so far, the news that they will soon have a widebody fleet is exciting indeed. We can’t say for sure how their premium cabin will be configured, but if they are going to stick to the industry norm they will likely have high-density lie-flat seats like Singapore’s Boeing 787-10 (Review Here).

According to Times Of India, Vistara will be configuring out the aircraft with some great features.

For one, the aircraft will have internet WIFI throughout and might even extend the communication upgrades to their A320 domestic fleet. They have ruled out allowing voice communication, however, as to not disturb other passengers.

Overall, this new aircraft looks like it will herald in an exciting new chapter for the Indian carrier, and we at Simple Flying can’t wait to fly it.

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