Video: WestJet Donates Inventory To The Needy At Christmas

WestJet is donating essentials to communities across Canada as part of this year’s ‘Christmas Miracle.’ In its customary Christmas video, WestJet, helped by volunteer branch WestJetters, details its ongoing efforts to provide vital supplies like food, PPE, and blankets to communities in need.

Video: WestJet Donates Inventory To The Needy At Christmas
WestJet started delivering essentials soon after the onset of the pandemic. Photo: Getty Images

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WestJet has provided over a million items

Canadian airline WestJet has been very busy throughout the year, delivering inventory to food banks, shelters, community centers, and hospitals. It’s Christmas initiative is more like an all-year-round endeavor in 2020 given the circumstances, with the airline carrying out many vital missions since the global pandemic. Since March, WestJet has delivered over 1.3 million items nationwide as many charitable organizations and places for the vulnerable suffer from the fallout of the pandemic.

The airline has delivered all sorts of essentials up and down the country, including blankets and pillows, masks, sanitizer, food and drink, and dental kits. WestJet is aided by its WestJetters, a volunteer force dedicated to charitable and community causes. Aidgivers donned blue Santa hats as they shared the goods with their local communities, while WestJet aircraft took to the skies to deliver vital supplies around Canada.

Video: WestJet Donates Inventory To The Needy At Christmas
Various items have been delivered by the airline’s team of WestJetters. Photo: WestJet

2020 has been particularly challenging for those most in need, with layoffs, lockdowns, and supply shortages impacting local communities, hospices, and shelters. WestJet aims to inspire the spirit of kindness and giving at a time when vulnerable sections of the community need it most. Arved von zur Muehlen, WestJet Chief Commercial Officer, said in a press release,

“Throughout the pandemic, Canadians have been stepping up for each other and this holiday season we encourage everyone to celebrate the spirit of Christmas by giving from the heart and supporting local organizations with acts of care.”

The tradition of the Christmas Miracle

Every year WestJet releases a Christmas Miracle video showing its good deeds over the festive period. The seasonal showcase went viral in 2013 when that year’s Christmas video captured the attention of the country. In the video (below), Santa Claus asks passengers what they want for Christmas while WestJet employees race to the shops. After landing a few hours later, passengers are greeted with a baggage carousel full of personal gifts from Santa.

In a move that may signal a resurgent 2021 for the airline, WestJet has expanded its December schedule by offering more leisure flights to sun-soaked destinations, including Hawaii and the Caribbean. This comes as the airline’s potential joint venture with Delta was dealt a blow by authorities, with the U.S Transportation Department allegedly making ‘unreasonable and acceptable demands.’

Video: WestJet Donates Inventory To The Needy At Christmas
WestJet is doing all it can for a more successful year in 2021. Photo: Getty Images

The airline is one of the few North American carriers to offer its passengers complimentary COVID insurance, in a move that will hopefully encourage more air travel. Additionally, the airline is working with a testing laboratory partner, DynaLIFE, to provide pre-flight COVID testing for flights to Hawaii. While the tests will help passengers avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Hawaii, many have balked at the C$150 ($114) fee.

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