WestJet Launches New Transatlantic Boeing 737-700 Flight

Canadian operator WestJet is planning a new transatlantic service. The Boeing 737 operated flight would be used to connect Canada’s Halifax to Manchester in the United Kingdom. The seasonal flight is set to operate over the 2020 summer period.

WestJet, Halifax, Manchester
WestJet is set to fly to Manchester this summer. Photo: Getty Images

WestJet is launching its third route from Halifax to the United Kingdom this summer. Accompanying its existing routes to London and Glasgow, the new connection will be operated by a Boeing 737 aircraft. Launching in June, the route will remain in operation until late October as things currently stand, operating four times per week. Let us take a look!

The schedule

WestJet’s new transatlantic service is due to launch on the fifth of June 2020. The route from Halifax Stanfield will operate four times per week in either direction. Its period of operation will come to an end in October with the last flight from Halifax operating on the 24th of October. Due to the way the flight is scheduled, the last return flight will depart from Manchester on October 25th.

WestJet, Halifax, Manchester
The 737 will touch down in Manchester the next morning. Photo: Pixabay

Let us take a look at what exactly the schedule will look like:

  • WS 57 will depart from Halifax (YHZ) four times per week at 22:45. The aircraft will then fly for five hours and 25-minutes across the Atlantic. Following the overnight flight, the Boeing 737 will land in Manchester (MAN) the next day at 08:10;
  • The aircraft will then remain on the ground for one hour and 35-minutes in Manchester;
  • WS58 will then depart from Manchester at 09:45. The flight is scheduled to take 6-hours and 7-minutes heading back across the pond. It should then touch back down in Halifax at 11:52. This means each rotation takes around 13 hours.

Why Manchester?

So why did WestJet pick Manchester? According to Premier Stephen McNeil, the route will help to grow the economy, while attracting Students and Immigrants. He commented,

“WestJet’s addition of another European connection strengthens the Atlantic Gateway and will help grow our economy. It will lead to more trade and investment opportunities, as well as help attract more students, immigrants, and visitors to Nova Scotia and the entire Atlantic region.”

WestJet, Halifax, Manchester
The route between Halifax and Manchester. Image: GCMap

WestJet goes to add that visitors to Manchester will be able to experience a range of things. These range from the city’s evolved industrial heritage, to football, restaurants and pubs. Who could resist flying 6 hours for a Wetherspoon breakfast? However, if Manchester isn’t your thing, passengers will be able to connect to a further 16 destinations on the carrier’s partner, Virgin Connect. That’s Flybe to you and me.

However, passengers heading in the other direction will be able to take part in the Halifax Stopover Program. This allows eligible travelers to explore the city of Halifax for anything from seven hours to seven days.

Would you be comfortable flying on a Boeing 737 across the Atlantic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!