WestJet Wins April Fool’s with Brilliant “Flyre Festival” Spoof

Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet proved it doesn’t take itself too seriously today. WestJet introduced a #FlyreFestival April Fool’s parody video – a brilliant jab at the now infamous Fyre Festival.

WestJet’s Fyre spoof – Flyre, rather – presents the world’s first premium inflight music festival. With the hottest models and social media influencers at 35,000 feet, it’s sure to be a millennial must-have for 2019. Flyre Festival debuts on WestJet’s 787 Dreamliner. “It’s the new one,” the narrator adds.

Watch below for pure marketing genius:

WestJet’s Swoop pokes fun at fare unbundling

WestJet extended the April 1st humor to its Swoop brand, poking fun at ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) fare unbundling. “Recline-for-a-dime” offers passengers the ability to insert a dime into the armrest in exchange for 30-minute timed intervals of additional seat recline. Swoop added,

For years, ULCC’s have been targeted for having cramped, unfriendly seats. Wanting to dispel this stereotype, Swoop conceived Recline-for-a-Dime while inadvertently discovering a few added benefits.

WestJet Swoop
WestJet and Swoop partake in April Fool’s joke with 90 ¢ lie-flat seats. Image by Swoop.

A Swoop innovation that really makes…cents

For just $0.90, Swoop passengers can recline to a full 180-degrees. Passengers can also “fully customize their recline” in 10¢ increments if they choose not to purchase the lie-flat bundle. What a deal!

“It’s about dime! Recline.”

Steven Greenway, President of Swoop, added, “Lie-flat luxury seating seems to be all the rage these days… It’s a pivotal moment in the world of ultra-low-cost travel and only the beginning for product innovation at Swoop.” If only, right?

Happy April Fool’s Day!

H/T: World Airline News