What Happened To LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 767s?

We’ve been following LOT Polish Airlines recently as it makes a move to try and acquire Airbus A220s and A350s in its fleet. But in this article, we want to turn our attention to its Boeing fleet. Let’s take a look at its historical Boeing 767s and where they are now.

What Happened To LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 767s?
LOT’s 767 aircraft are now retired, but where are they? Photo: BriYYZ via Flickr

A fleet overview

According to Planespotters, LOT Polish Airlines has flown nine 767 aircraft in its lifetime. These have been a mixture of -200 and -300 series models. The airline favoured the -300 series with six aircraft recorded in its fleet and just three -200 series.

It acquired its first 767s in 1989 and continued to receive the model until 2009 – some 20 years. Whilst LOT Polish Airlines has had larger quantities of single aircraft types in its fleet, the 767 was significant since the airline continued to use the model until 2014, when the last was retired.

LOT’s -200 series

LOT’s -200 series were some of the first aircraft to enter the 767 fleet. LOT acquired its first two of the model in 1989 named Gniezno and Krakow. The aircraft arrived within one month of each other and were both retired within one month of each other as well.

What Happened To LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 767s?
LOT’s first-ever aircraft. Photo: Piotrus via Wikimedia Commons

Gniezno stayed with LOT from April 1989 until November 2008. It had been stored two months prior to that. Krakow was with the airline until December 2008. Both aircraft were bought by the now-non-existent Mexican airline, Mexicana. In 2010, when Mexicana operations ceased, the aircraft both went to Aeromexico and both have since been stored with the airline.

Swapping tactics

After the -200 deliveries in 1989, LOT introduced a -300 series into its fleet in 1990. But the aircraft did not stand the test of time like the -200 series had. LOT had the aircraft between 1990 and 1995 when it then went to Air New Zealand. Then it went to Air Europe Italy the following year before returning to LOT in 1997. There it stayed for two years before going back to Air New Zealand. It then came back to LOT in 2000 before eventually it was released from the fleet. The aircraft is still active and now operates as part of the Aeronexus fleet. It has been with the airline for three years.

What Happened To LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 767s?
LOT’s first 767-300. Photo: Kudak via Wikimedia Commons

But in 1992, the airline came back to the 767-200 for one last time and operated an aircraft registered ZK-NBJ for two years. That airline then went onto Air New Zealand but has now been scrapped after a time being used for crash rescue training.

And since then, it’s been -300 series all the way.

A trio of -300 series

Before the turn of the 21st Century, LOT Polish took another three -300 series. The first was acquired in 1995 and flew until December 2001. After that, it was sent to Universal Airlines who had it for two years before returning it to LOT Polish Airlines. Aircalin – Air Caledonie International leased the aircraft from LOT in 2005 but returned to LOT almost instantly. The airline withdrew the aircraft from use in August 2013 at which point it went to Ansett Worldwide (AWAS). The aircraft is still in use. It now flies with Privilege Style and has done since 2013.

The second came from Gulf Air in 1996 and it didn’t last long. LOT sent the aircraft back to Gulf Air in 1997. Since then, the aircraft went through multiple owners before it landed with United States-based airline Kraake & Associates Inc. who acquired it in 2015. The aircraft has now been stored.

The last aircraft was acquired in 1997, according to Air Fleets. It was registered SP-LPC and operated with the airline until 2005. LOT leased the aircraft first to Air Italy in 2005 and then to SBA airlines in 2007. It took the airline back into its fleet in 2007 until the aircraft met its ultimate fate in 2011 when it was written off. The aircraft landed at Warsaw Chopin Airport in an emergency landing without its landing gear extended. Miraculously, there were no injuries or fatalities.

What Happened To LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 767s?
A last look at SP-LPC before it was written off. Photo: Janusz Jakubowski via Flickr

21st-century purchases

In 2006, LOT acquired the aircraft registered SP-LPF, which it leased to Air Europe SpA eight months after it was acquired. In true LOT style, the aircraft was returned in 2007 and flew with the LOT fleet until 2011. After that, it went to new operator ILFC and now is stored with Fly Jamaica.

A final was acquired in June 2009. Plane Spotters reports that the aircraft operated for Caribbean Airlines between December 2009 and January 201 whilst still in LOT’s name but LOT kept the aircraft until 2013. The aircraft is now a freighter which operates for Cargojet Airways.

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