What Is The Longest Commercial Flight On An A320?

The A320 aircraft family comprises four planes and represents the most versatile jetliner family that has significant success worldwide. The four members of the family – A318, A319, A320, and A321, can seat between 100 and 240 passengers and can operate under various weather conditions throughout the world. You can board one of the planes in the heat of the desert or on the icy runaways in Antarctica.

The A320 offers exceptional services combining fuel efficiency and comfort for the passengers. It is considered the longest-range single-aisle aircraft in the world. Hence many airlines love to include the A320 in their fleet.

Qatar A320 Business Class Seating
Qatar A320 Business Class Seating

With the introduction of the new engine options – the NEO version, the plane offers even more travel possibilities. Thanks to the Sharklets – the large wingtip devices installed on the new version, the planes become one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly in their class.


As a whole, the A320 family jetliners are used for a great range of destinations. You can guess whether the aircraft is used for longer routes by its cabin configuration. For flights that will last 5 hours or longer Qatar Airways, for example, uses seats that can be reclined to a lie-flat position that guarantees a much more comfortable travel.


Current longest commercial flights with the A320 family:

The Longest A318 Flight: London City To New York  JFK

The longest flight currently operated by an A318 is operated by British Airways. It departs from JFK in New York City and arrives in London City airport for 7 hours and twenty minutes covering a distance of 3,017 nautical miles.

BA A318
BA A318

The Longest A319 Flight: Montevideo to Bogota

Avianca operates the longest flight aboard an A319 between Montevideo and Bogota. The flight duration is 6 hours and 47 minutes and the distance between the two cities is 2,576 nautical miles.

Avianca A319
Avianca A319

The Longest A320 Flight: Bahrain to London Heathrow

Gulf Air uses an A320 to serve passengers traveling between Bahrain and London Heathrow. This is the longest commercial flight for this type of aircraft with a scheduled flight time between 6 hours and 35 minutes and 7 hours and 35 minutes. The distance the plane covers is 2,748 nautical miles.

A Gulf Air A320

The Longest A320neo Flight: Moscow to Tenerife

An S7 A320neo
An S7 A320neo

The longest flight for an Airbus A320neo is between Moscow Domodedovo and Tenerife South Airport. The flight duration is 7 hours and 15 minutes for a distance of 2,837 nautical miles. The flight is operated by S7 Airlines.

The Longest A321 Flight: Reykjavik to Tel Aviv – Discontinued

A WOW Air A321
A WOW Air A321

A321 performs its longest service between Reykjavik Keflavik and Boston covering 2,097 nautical miles for six hours. The service is offered by WOW air. The same airline also offers a flight aboard an A320neo between Reykjavik Keflavik and Tel Aviv that covers 3,284 nautical miles in almost 7 hours (estimated time 6h 59 min).

The Longest A321neo Flight: Sydney to Manila

An A321neo used by Philippine Airlines

The longest flight covered by an A320 family member belongs to the A321neo used by Philippine Airlines on the 3,380 nautical miles route between Manila and Sydney. The flight duration is 8 hours and twenty minutes.

The shortest A320 flights:

As a whole, the A320 aircraft is suited well for long flights. The planes, however, are also often used for shorter destinations. Probably one of the shortest routes offered on an A320 is offered by fastJet, an African low-cost carrier. In 2015 they performed flights from their Tanzanian base at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam for distances as short as 70 km (about 38 nautical miles).


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I am proud Filipino here for Philippine Airlines for having made longest flight history between Manila to Sydney using A321neo aircraft! Good job @flypal