What Will The Passenger Experience Be Like On ANA’s New Airbus A380?

Almost a week ago ANA received their first A380 aircraft from Airbus. While invited guests and media were invited to explore the exterior of the aircraft, the interior is currently a well-kept secret. Simple Flying asks “just what can passengers expect from the ANA experience on the new A380?”

Brand new interior

ANA’s new A380 has a brand new interior for the airline. While this is being kept a secret for the time being, we do have some indication of what it may look like. Thanks to the iflyA380 app, potential passengers are able to enter a VR cabin.

ANA Experience
An artist’s impression of the business cabin. Photo: iflyA380 – Airbus

First Class will feature eight fully flat bed seats with a privacy door. The middle seats have adjustable partitions, perfect for couples on their honeymoon. Additionally, 56 business class seats will see each passenger given direct aisle access, in addition to plentiful storage space.

ANA Experience
The premium economy cabin rendered in 3D. Source: iflyA380 – Airbus

73 premium economy seats will complete the top deck of the aircraft. These will be arranged in a 3-2-3 configuration. Finally, the lower deck of the A380 will consist of 383 economy class seats. The regular economy seats have a 34-inch pitch.

ANA Experience
A slither of the 3-4-3 economy cabin. Source: iflyA380 – Airbus

At the back of the aircraft are 60 COUCHii seats. These seats have an adjustable footrest which transforms a row of seats into a bed. The bed comes complete with Business Class bedding. Similar to Comfy Joon, it is perfect for families and is located at the rear of the aircraft. Immediately behind it is a multipurpose family area.

New food offering

In addition to the new cabin, ANA will be offering a new range of food and drink exclusively on the Flying Honu. While each cabin will receive a new menu, they will be sourced from different locations. Customers traveling in first class will be treated to cuisine from the Honolulu Four Seasons Hotel. Other passengers needn’t worry, as they will be offered food from the popular Hawaiian chain “Bills”.

Children will not be left out either. In fact, parents can preorder a “Deco Ben” meal which combines food in a fun, yet healthy way. Premium economy passengers will have access to premium drinks from the business class selection too.

ANA Experience
ANAs first of three A380s were delivered on Wednesday. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Exclusive gate

One of the biggest updates to the ANA Honolulu service will be the addition of a brand new gate at Honolulu Airport. This will give all ANA passengers access to an exclusive lounge located at the gate. When the flight is ready for boarding, passengers will proceed straight from the lounge onto the aircraft. In fact, there is even a separate lounge for premium customers who can board straight onto the upper deck. The main lounge will have different zones designed for different groups such as families or workers.

ANA is expected to fully reveal the cabin of the new A380 sometime in April. Simple Flying will keep readers up to date with any major developments which unfold.

What do you think of ANA’s new Honolulu service? How would you rate the new ANA experience? Let us know in the comments down below!