Wheel Falls From Air Canada Jazz Dash 8 Prompting Emergency Landing

Passengers aboard an Air Canada Jazz flight on January 3rd, 2020 were in for a bit of a harrowing ride. During takeoff, one of the wheels on the aircraft started to glow orange before falling off of the aircraft down to the runway. This then prompted the crew to make an emergency landing in Montreal.

Air Canada Jazz Dash 8
The Air Canada Jazz Dash 8 aircraft involved in this incident as seen in 2015. Photo: Eric Salard via Flickr

Air Canada Jazz Dash 8 loses a wheel

Le Journal de Montreal reports that an Air Canada Jazz aircraft departing Montreal on January 3rd lost a wheel after departure. Onboard the Dash 8-300 turboprop were 49 passengers and three crewmembers. During takeoff, a passenger captured video of the wheel glowing orange before separating from the aircraft. AC8684 remained in the air for some time to burn fuel before returning to Montreal. The aircraft made an emergency landing. However, there were no injuries to passengers or crew.

Data from FlightAware shows that this aircraft spent about two hours around Montreal before making the emergency landing.

Flight path
The flight path of Air Canada Jazz flight 8684 on January 3rd. Photo: FlightAware

The flight is a regularly scheduled commercial flight Montreal to Bagotville in Canada. It is a short flight and generally ends up being about an hour of flight time.

Flight path
The normal flight between Montreal and Bagotville is about an hour flight time. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

What is Air Canada Jazz?

Much like in the United States, Air Canada contracts out some regional flying to Jazz Aviation. Often referred to as Jazz or Air Canada Jazz, the airline operates regional jets. This includes some Dash 8 aircraft, Bombardier Q400, and Bombardier CRJ jets.

Dash 8
As Air Canada Express, Jazz flies regional jets on behalf of Air Canada. Photo: Liam Allport via Flickr

So while the flight appears with an Air Canada number and can be booked as part of an itinerary with Air Canada, the plane and crew itself are operated by Jazz Air. While some aircraft are in an Air Canada Express livery, others are quite colorful.

Air Canada Jazz
Air Canada Jazz flies some colorful Dash 8 aircraft. Photo: Abdallahh via Flickr

The Dash 8-300 seats a maximum of 50 passengers, similar to a CRJ200, with Air Canada Jazz. This is in a single-class all-economy configuration. Jazz has 26 of these aircraft in its fleet. However, Jazz also flies a smaller Dash 8-100 in an all-economy configuration with a maximum seating capacity for 37 passengers.


As a passenger, looking out the window and seeing this would be a harrowing event. However, the flight crew were able to manage the situation and returned safely to Montreal. With everyone on the ground safely, this was one successful emergency landing.

Were you onboard this Air Canada Jazz flight when the wheel separated? What happened? What do you make of this situation? Let us know in the comments!

Simple Flying reached out to Jazz Aviation for comment. However, a comment was not received prior to publication. This article will be updated with a comment accordingly.