Which Airlines Are Still Flying Boeing 757s?

The Boeing 757 has been in the skies for nearly 40 years. It entered commercial service in 1983 with Eastern Air Lines and went on to be a favorite for several operators. However, it isn’t such a preferred option today, with many carriers opting for modern planes. Which passenger airlines still fly with the narrowbody?

Delta 757
Delta is one of the biggest fans of the aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

The 757 was built after the 727 and was developed at the same time as the 767. When it comes to solely passenger operations, there are two variants of the type currently in action. The two models are the original 757-200 and the stretched 757-300. Here is a look at the major players that still fly the twinjet.

Delta Air Lines

According to Planespotters.net, the Atlanta-based carrier currently has 127 units of the type. This holding is split between 111 -200s and 16 -300s. The airline has more of the aircraft than any other operator.

United Airlines

The Chicago-based company holds the second most 757s with 72 units. This figure is split between 51 -200s and 21 -300s.


The flag carrier of Iceland also has a sizeable amount of the type. It operates 27 units but two of these are freighters. The passenger variants are split between 23 -200s and two -300s. The airline has been working to let go of the 757 for some time but the grounding of the 737 MAX and implications of the pandemic have halted these plans.

Icelandair 757
Icelandair is expected to operate the Boeing 757 for a a while longer as it adapts to the new climate. Photo: Getty Images


The German charter airline only holds the -300 variant. In total, it operates 13 of these on its flights. These are used on short to medium-haul services to popular vacation destinations within Europe and North Africa.

Azur Air

The Russian charter carrier only holds the smaller variant of the 757. Altogether, there are nine units within its fleet. Only the Boeing 767 has a more significant presence in the company, with 12 of them in its holdings.


The British low-cost carrier also only operates the -200. In total, it holds eight of the type within its fleet. These are useful to transport tourists across Europe.

Across the continents

There also several other passenger airlines that have at most a handful of 757s. These carriers include:

  • Air Astana
  • Air Transport International
  • DJT Operations
  • GainJet
  • Mid East Jet
  • National Airlines
  • Privilege Style
  • Royal Flight
  • Sunday Airlines
  • Taban Air
  • Tajik Air
  • Titan Airways
  • TUI
  • Turkmenistan Airlines
  • Uzbekistan Airways
United Airlines 757
United Airlines is just one of several carriers still flying with the jet. Photo: Getty Images

Altogether, airlines are continuing to let go of the veteran from their fleets. American Airlines held more 757s in history, with 177 units. However, the Texan outfit accelerated its retirement this spring. With the global health crisis forcing operators to reshuffle, there are likely to be more retirements in the near future.

What are your thoughts about the Boeing 757? Do you have any fond memories on the aircraft over the years? Let us know what you think in the comment section.