Which Airlines Have The Widest First Class Seats?


Flying First Class in something most people only aspire to. However, it is my firm belief that if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford to fly First Class, you should get the most bang for your buck.

So, if you’ve found yourself here in search a text, a bible of sorts, to guide you in your search for the best commercial flight experience. Look no further!

Here are the top 6 First Class seats in terms of width:

6. Lufthansa (DLH).

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa’s First Class seat is reputed for being extremely comfortable, with a width of 31 inches (78 cm) and a pitch of 90 inches (230 cm). These dimensions are pretty standard regardless of which of the airline’s long-haul aircraft you are on.

Their cabins feature the 1-2-1 First class layout, which is fairly consistent across airlines, but interestingly, they do not have closed suites. The airline instead favors a more open layout giving the cabin an incredibly roomy feel.

The seat is convertible into a temperature controlled flat-bed that is a pretty whopping 6 feet 9 inches (205 cm) in length.

5. Japan Airlines (JAL).

JAL First Class

JAL comes in fifth with a seat width of 33 inches (84 cm) and a pitch of 78.5 inches (199 cm) on its Boeing 777-300ERs. On its 777-200s the seats are 12 inches less wide, so definitely check which aircraft the flight you’re booking is on.


The seats are in an open cabin (no suites) but the airline makes up for this by providing ample space in and around each seat.

For when it’s time to catch a few winks, the JAL seat converts into a pretty spacious flat-bed.


4. All Nippon Airways (ANA).

ANA First Class

The seats in each of ANA’s First Class suites are 33 inches (84 cm) wide and have a pitch of  76 inches (193 cm).

ANA’s first class cabin is one that makes quite an impression on its passengers. Unlike the cabins of the two aforementioned airlines, ANA’s First Class cabin actually has private suites…well sort of.

ANA’s box suites don’t have sliding doors or curtains to turn them into complete enclosures, but they do have walls high enough to provide passengers with a decent amount of privacy.


The seats are highly adjustable. However, the flat-beds they convert into are a little small compared to those of other airlines

3. Air France (AFR).

Air France First Class

Long-haul flights on Air France typically happen on either the Airbus A380-800 or the Boeing 777-300ER, and they’re really quite different experiences. But for the purposes of this article, we’re going to be talking about the seats on Air France’s A380s.

First Class seats on an Air France A380-800 are pretty big; 35 inches (89 cm) wide, with a pitch of 81 inches (205 cm). But it is important to note that they are the furthest thing from private. The seat is essentially a very fancy and pretty spacious armchair, and like every good armchair, it comes with an ottoman.

As is pretty standard on the First Class seats of all the airlines on our list, the Air France Seat does convert into a lie-flat bed, though the bed is not reputed for being comfortable.

2. Singapore Airlines (SIA).

Singapore Airlines First Class

No list discussing First Class air travel can be complete without Singapore Airlines, and on our list, the airline ranks second. SIA’s First Class seats are a very spacious 35 inches (89 cm) wide and either 71 inches (180 cm) or 81 inches (205 cm) in pitch.

While the seats are the same size as those in Air France First Class cabin, I think SIA’s win because of their seat swivel.

While this post is ranking airlines based on their first class seats, I have to make it clear that with Singapore Airlines, you don’t just get a seat, you get a completely private 50 square foot suite, that is so comfortable and spacious it rivals many a hotel room. The suite even comes with an entirely separate bed, and companions can even combine suites, and beds, if they pick the right seats

The Singapore Airlines First Class suite.

All this is possible because there are only 6 seats in First Class on a Singapore Airlines A380.

1. Cathay Pacific Airways (CPA).

Cathay Pacific First Class

Number one in our list of airlines with the widest First Class seats is Cathay Pacific. The airline’s First Class cabin has seats that are 36 inches wide (91 cm) with a pitch of 81 inches (206 cm). The CPA seat is literally wide enough to comfortably seat two people. And while it’s not entirely private, passengers get a lot of space, thanks to the cabins 1-1-1 layout.

Like most of the seats discussed here, the Cathay Pacific First Class seat converts into a flat-bed, and it’s reputed to be one of the most comfortable beds in the sky.

So, if you considering flying First Class sometime soon, I do hope this list helps you make an educated decision, however, regardless of which airline you end up flying. You’re probably going to have a pretty good time.