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Alaska Airlines in flight

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is our favorite Frequent flyer program. While the program offers a host of benefits and features similar to other programs, it has several unique points that make it stand out amongst the competitions and our favorite US frequent flyer program. So read on to find out what makes Alaska Mileage Plan so good.

Distance Based

Every Major US airlines now have a loyalty program that is revenue based, Alaska remains a distance based loyalty program. This base means if you fly a ton with Alaska you will be rewarded with Elite status based on your flown miles. Other programs can be a real let down when you fly a ton but can’t hit status due because you have not spent enough money with them.

Partner Options

Alaska Airlines is one of the few carriers in the US that is not a member of one of the main global alliances, although there are rumors that it may be joining Oneworld as a connect member. United is a member of Star Alliance, Delta is a member of SkyTeam, and American Airlines is a member of Oneworld. In Alaska case not being a member of an alliance is not a bad thing. Alaska has established a wide range of partners including some of the biggest names in the aviation business. And you can earn and redeem Alaska miles with partners including.

  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • Korean Air
  • Finnair
  • Cathay Pacific

Miles Are Easy To Earn

Even if you don’t fly with Alaska, a whole bunch,  you have plenty of options to earn Alaska Miles. The airline has  a well-developed network of Credit cards including:

  • Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card
  • Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card

Using an Alaska co-branded credit cards means you can earn a ton of Alaska miles for your everyday expenses as well as your business expenses. Similar to other major airlines, Alaska has its Own shopping and dining portals, which will earn you, even more, Alaska Miles

Transfer Partners

Alaska is not a partner with any major credit card currency, although it is a Partner with Marriott Rewards. This meant any points earned with Marriott including those earned from the The Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Cardcan be transferred to Alaska Miles. Marriott points transfer at a ratio of 3:1, and for every 60,000  points, you will receive a 5,000-mile bonus. So every 60,000 points would yield 25,000 Alaska Miles. Being a partner with Marriott you have the option to redeem your points for a Hotel + Air travel package, which will give you a 7-night stay at a Marriott property plus 50,000 miles.

Low Fees

In the unlikely event, you need to make a change to a reservation most airlines will ding you with fees that run over $100. Alaska, on the other hand, is super generous and will charge you nothing. Also, Alaska will not charge you for changes to award reservations made within 24 hours of Booking.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new reward program, or are just starting, you may wish to consider a closer look at the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. It has tons of loyal fans, and we love it.


  1. Alaska Airlines got rid of their no change fee policy (over 60 days from departure). All changes made after 24 hours incur the $125 change fee unless the traveler is MVP Gold or 75K. There are no change fees for purchased tickets for travel wholly within Alaska. There is also the option to wait until 24 hours before departure and pay $50 for the same day change.

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