Wizz Air Begins Hiring Crew For Its New Abu Dhabi Base

Wizz Air’s march into Abu Dhabi continues. In the same week that the UAE airport welcomed its first Wizz Air flight, the airline has now begun advertising for cabin crew positions, in preparation for the launch of the new subsidiary Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.

Wizz Air is recruiting for cabin crew at Abu Dhabi. Photo: Attila Berki via Wikimedia

Abu Dhabi gears up for the new Wizz airline

When Wizz Air restarted flying to the UAE, it had already switched its operations from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, to start getting to grips with the new airport ahead of the launch of its new subsidiary airline, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. The first flight landed on July 2nd, arriving from Budapest after a five-hour flight.

Wizz Air, Abu Dhabi, Inaugural Flight
Wizz Air has completed its first flight to Abu Dhabi. Photo: Wizz Air

Wizz Air had previously said it wanted to begin selling tickets for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi this month, ahead of a launch of services in the third quarter (July – September) this year. It certainly seems like things are pressing ahead, as we’ve spotted an advertisement for cabin crew for the new airline.

Although the job posting is for the ‘Abu Dhabi base,’ the airline is clearly beginning to build up its staffing levels ready for the new airline’s launch. The job was posted on July 1st and has no closing date applied at this stage.

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What does Wizz Air want from its cabin crew?

Most of the requirements in the job posting are relatively standard. Wizz asks for positive, energetic and motivated candidates who meet the minimum requirements. These include being at least 21, meeting the minimum height and educational requirements as well as having a valid passport.

Cabin crew should not have visible piercings or tattoos and should live within 60 minutes of the Abu Dhabi base. Interestingly, Wizz Air says that having some knowledge of Arabic could be an advantage to work from this base.

Wizz Air staff looking into the distance
Crew that can speak Arabic will have an advantage. Photo: Wizz Air

In return, recruited cabin crew can expect all training to be provided, as well as various other perks, including health insurance and free or discounted travel. The airline promises no layovers, which will be a positive aspect for those wishing to have a normal life in their hometown and not be away overnight frequently.

What does this mean for the Abu Dhabi base?

Recruiting crew for Abu Dhabi is a positive sign for the impending opening of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. Training for cabin crew can take anything from three to ten weeks, although they average around six weeks to complete.

The new subsidiary will launch in Q3. Photo: Wizz Air

If Wizz Air is recruiting cabin crew now, they could be ready to fly as soon as the end of the month. However, it’s more likely that Wizz will be undertaking am extensive selection process and taking rather longer to train them.

As such, we could estimate that cabin crew will be able to fly by late August into early September. This would still put Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s launch well within the third-quarter target and would see flights operating in time to catch the tail end of the summer holiday traffic.

Are you excited to see Wizz Air Abu Dhabi launch? Will you be applying for cabin crew positions? Let us know in the comments.