Wizz Air Not Hesitant Of Large Airbus Order

Several carriers have made it clear that they want to push back deliveries of new aircraft amid the downturn within the industry. However, Wizz Air has shared that it has no plans to postpone its Airbus arrivals this year.

Wizz Air
Unlike its counterparts, Wizz is still looking forward to receiving its new Airbus jets. Photo: Getty Images

Positive outlook

Despite reducing 90 percent of its capacity, the Hungarian airline is determined to receive its 15 incoming planes. Bloomberg reports that Chief Executive Officer Jozsef Varadi is keen to position itself in a strong position once global demand picks up again.

Additionally, several airlines have been knocking on the door of government officials for some sort of financial support. Moreover, some airlines are already seeking full billion-dollar bailouts to ensure their safety amid the international flight restrictions.

However, while Wizz is expected to have enough reserves to last the summer, Varadi claims that his company has the funds to span a much longer period. In fact, he states that there is enough liquidity to last one and a half years.

Wizz Air, Italy Flights, Coronavirus
Wizz is not as worried about its finances  this summer compared with many other carriers. Photo: Getty Images

Remaining independent

With this in mind, the CEO has called on authorities to not give in to airline demands and hand out aid where it is not needed. He feels that this will give greater power to inefficient operators, which could skew the market.

“Most European airlines have been badly mismanaged when it comes to liquidity,” the executive said, as reported by Bloomberg.

“Now they’re all begging for state support. Governments should only be stepping in areas of employment and reducing charges such as air-navigation costs.”

Wizz Air, Ryanair, Easyjet
Wizz isn’t the only European carrier that has had to temporarily ground much of its fleet. Photo: Getty Images

Looking ahead

Altogether, it is evident that Wizz is confident in a strong return to operations once restrictions are lifted and demand returns. With this in mind, its management is wary that its competitors might have more presence if government support is given.

According to Planespotters.net, Wizz operates 69 A320s and 42 A321s and it is expecting a further 270 jets to eventually arrive. Varadi claims that as much as 80 percent of its capacity will return to service before 2021 hits. He anticipates that his firm will be able to add services in areas where struggling airlines will have lost out on. 

Nonetheless, there will no doubt be some carriers that will be in great need of support during these troubling times. However, it is refreshing to hear the optimism of Wizz’s leadership during the uncertainty.

Simply Flying reached out to Wizz Air for comment on its aircraft order plans but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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