Why Is Wizz Air Operating Domestic Flights Within The United States?

Above the skies in the United States on April 1st, a new low cost carrier appeared. Although, these were not regularly scheduled flights. Instead, Wizz Air flew a few domestic flights in the United States as part of a broader mission of repatriation flights.

Wizz Air
Wizz Air is operating some domestic US flights. Photo: Wizz Air

Domestic US flights

Wizz Air flew a few domestic US legs on April 1st as part of a broader repatriation mission using brand new Airbus A321neo aircraft. This included a roundtrip between New York and Los Angeles and another between Chicago and Miami.

Some were able to catch pictures of the aircraft landing in the United States – a major first for Wizz Air. Here are some shots from the aircraft’s arrival in JFK.

A little more sun greeted Wizz Air’s A321neo in Los Angeles.

Why Wizz Air flew these legs

The United States is not a country that sees regular service from Wizz Air. Although, these flights were incredibly important. Wizz Air flew these legs as part of repatriation flights working to get passengers home.

The A321neo seats 239 passengers in an all-economy configuration. These are the largest aircraft in Wizz Air’s fleet by passenger capacity. There are no business class products onboard– Wizz Air believes a single-class configuration is more environmentally friendly.

Wizz Air
All of Wizz Air’s aircraft are in a single-class configuration. Photo: Wizz Air

The A321neo is not the LR or XLR version. As a result, the aircraft cannot do transatlantic flights directly out of Budapest to Miami or New York. As a result, the aircraft had to make a stop in Iceland along the way. The domestic tag flights, however, are likely to pick up additional passengers.

Could Wizz Air fly to the United States again someday?

Given the current situation in the aviation world, it is highly unlikely that Wizz Air would consider an expansion to the United States anytime soon. Even in the future, however, it could be unlikely for Wizz Air to launch flights. Although, the airline does have a sizable number of A321XLR aircraft on order.

Wizz Air has the A321XLR on order. Photo: Airbus

However, the airline has been tight-lipped about long-haul operations to the United States. Instead, executives at the airline seem a little more interested in “connecting the dots” in the airline’s route network.

The airline is largely more interested in connecting dots in its vast network. Photo: Airbus

Long-haul low-cost is not an instantly successful market– take Norwegian for example. And, some American low-cost carriers are also considering the potential for a transatlantic expansion perhaps dampening Wizz Air’s appeal.


In a very unique situation, Wizz Air flew some domestic flights within the US. As part of a broader repatriation mission, the European low-cost carrier is focused on getting passengers home. Although, these may likely be the last Wizz Air flights to the United States (or North America) for the time being.

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Simple Flying reached out to Wizz Air for further information. The airline was not immediately available for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.