Wow: Wizz Air Now Has 429 Planes On Order

Hungarian ultra-low-cost carrier Wizz Air has no plans to slow down. While at the ongoing Dubai Air Show, the budget airline placed an order with its preferred planemaker, Airbus, for 75 A321neo aircraft and 27 A321XLRs. Furthermore, Wizz has the option to purchase another 94 jets before the end of the decade. The latest addition takes Wizz’s total orders up to an incredible 429 aircraft.

WIzz A321neo
Hungary’s Wizz Air has made a huge Airbus order at the Dubai Air Show. Photo: Wizz Air

Targeting a 500 aircraft fleet

The bulk of the new aircraft, which add to an order backlog already consisting of 233 planes, will be delivered between 2025 and 2027. While the order still needs to be approved by the airline’s shareholders, Wizz’s CEO, József Váradi, is convinced that investing in new, fuel-efficient aircraft will be essential for the carrier to reach its sustainability goals. Furthermore, they play a necessary part in the airline’s target of operating over 500 aircraft.

“These are by far the most fuel and cost-efficient aircraft in their class – supporting us in maintaining our position as the most sustainable airline in Europe and reaching our sustainability goals of reducing CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer by 25% by 2030,” Váradi said in a statement released on Monday.

“We have signed very attractive terms with Airbus for the long-term supply of more aircraft until the end of the decade, catapulting Wizz Air towards our aim of being a 500-aircraft group and putting us in an unassailable position when it comes to sustainability,” the Wizz Chief Executive continued.

Wizz Air
The airline’s CEO says the new order will put Wizz in an ‘unassailable position’ when it comes to sustainability. Photo: Getty Images

Two teams of two

Wizz Air currently operates a fleet of 127 all-Airbus aircraft. Fifty-eight are A320s, six are A320neos, 34 are A321s, and 29 are A321neos. Meanwhile, subsidiaries Wizz Air UK and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi operate 14 and four of the A320 family, respectively. The airline already had a previous order of 34 A320neos, 179 A321neos, and 20 A321XLRs, for a total of 233 jets.

If Wizz fulfills its intention to operate a fleet of over 500 planes, it will begin to rival LCC competitor and 737-aficionado Ryanair for size. The budget rival currently has a fleet of close to 470 aircraft across the group, with orders for another 187 of the Boeing 737 MAX 8-200.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi A321neo
The airline’s President says that some aircraft will go to Wizz’s Abu Dhabi subsidiary, which currently operates four aircraft. Photo: Wizz Air

Some will find a home in the UAE

The distribution of the forthcoming planes across the group is yet unclear. However, speaking to Gulf News on Monday, Wizz Air’s President, Robert Carey (former CCO of easyJet), said that parts of any future aircraft orders would find their way to Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. The latest addition to the Wizz Group commenced operations early in 2021, and the UAE-contingent of the brightly liveried airline recently announced routes to both Moscow and Muscat.

“Any growth we have coming in the future, part of it is absolutely going to come to Abu Dhabi because we’re not stopping here for sure,” Mr Carey said.

He added that load factors were improving as more customers had begun traveling again. Furthermore, he said Wizz Air Abu Dhabi would continue to grow with more short to medium-haul routes throughout the winter.