Wizz Air Delays Poland And Ukraine Flight Resumptions To June

Wizz Air has delayed its Poland and Ukraine flight resumption plans due to ongoing travel restrictions. The airline will now resume flights from Poland on June 6th and from Ukraine of June 15th, if regulations allow. Wizz Air has cautiously resumed flights as the spread of the coronavirus slows in Europe, hoping to recover quickly.

Wizz Air
Wizz Air will delay the resumption of its Ukraine and Poland operations. Photo: Wizz Air

Government restrictions continue

Countries around the world have imposed strict lockdown measures and largely restricted international flights. Poland and Ukraine banned international travel in mid-March to prevent imported cases of the coronavirus. Since then, these bans have been routinely extended, with the countries struggling to bring the outbreak under control.

Wizz Air
Poland houses five Wizz Air bases. Photo: Getty Images

Poland is home to five Wizz Air bases, while Ukraine has one, with another set to open soon. The suspension of operations from these bases has had a significant impact, with the airline only being able to operate a small portion of its 500 pre-pandemic routes.

Passengers who will be affected by the delay in flight resumptions have two options. They may opt for a voucher from Wizz Air which is equal to 120% of their ticket value and valid for two years, or accept a full refund (which could take a while).

Wizz pushes ahead with plans

While the industry is in chaos, Wizz Air is pressing forward with several ambitious plans. The airline plans open a new base in Lviv, Ukraine in July, fast-forward its new Wizz Air Abu Dhabi subsidiary, as well as introduce new routes for the summer. The airline is also mulling an expansion into Gatwick, which has seen multiple airlines recently depart.

Wizz Air Airbus A320-200
Even in the current circumstances, Wizz Air is pushing forward with its plans and even accelerating some. Photo: Arpingstone via Wikimedia Commons

Looking at these plans, you’d be forgiven for thinking we aren’t in a global pandemic right now, with little demand for air travel. However, the CEO of Wizz Air, József Váradi, believes that Wizz Air is primed to survive this crisis and come out even stronger on the other side. In an interview with CAPA, he said that the airline is looking to recover in one year and will grow its fleet by 21 aircraft this year.

Currently, the airline is selling 75% of seats on its limited flights, a symbol for a quick recovery. However, with travel restrictions still in place, the airline may struggle to expand its route map and keep ticket sales high. Currently, its Hungary and UK subsidiaries are operating with limited schedules. 


While the delay in flight resumptions from Ukraine and Poland will undoubtedly affect many, it is unlikely to change Wizz Air’s plans. Flights from both countries are expected to being soon, which will allow the airline to open more of its routes. Wizz Air is definitely one of the more optimistic airlines, as it rushes head-first into the current storm.

Will European flights will resume soon? Do you think Wizz Air’s plans succeed? Let us know in the comments below.