Wizz Air Takes Delivery Of Its First Ever ‘Gamechanging’ Airbus A321neo

Wizz Air, the popular Eastern Europe low-cost carrier, has taken ownership of its first A321neo on the 7th of March.

This is the first of a colossal 184 A321neo order from the carrier.

Wizz Air
The Wizz Air A321neo. Source: Wizz Air

What are the details?

Wizz Air, a member of the Indigo Partners group (the same group that is currently bringing in WOW Air into their fold), is a low-cost carrier that focuses out of hubs in Hungary, Poland and other locations in Eastern Europe. They have over 100 A320 family Airbus aircraft currently operating.

Wizz Air
The destinations that Wizz Air services. Photo: Wizz Air

Naturally, in order to expand and develop these route network, Wizz Air has been looking for a better plane than their current fleet.

The A321neo was an excellent choice; it can carry 239 passengers to a range of 7400km, easily from London to New York. Plus, with more fuel efficiency and cheaper production methods, Airbus is able to offer the aircraft for far cheaper than their rival Boeing.

And it seemed to work to; Originally, Wizz Air ordered 110 A321neo aircraft back in 2015, but quickly upgraded to another 74 on top (plus 72 A320neos on the side, as you do). This likely makes Wizz Air the most important A321neo customer in the world.

The first A321neo was initially received by Wizz Air back on March 7th. The funding and purchase of this aircraft (and the next six A321neo aircraft) are facilitated by partner and asset manager FPG Amentum.

“We are convinced that the A321neo will be game-changer aircraft for Wizz,” says Wizz Air chief executive Jozsef Varadi. “This next-step technology aircraft will enable us to become one of the greenest airlines while lowering our operating costs in the current macroeconomic environment.”

Wizz Air Takes Delivery Of Its First Ever ‘Gamechanging’ Airbus A321neo
The Wizz Air team accepting the A321neo. Source: Wizz Air

And there are really some game changer statistics, with the A321neo offering benefits such as ‘Offering a 20% reduction in fuel burn and with 50% fewer noise emissions compared to older aircraft of a similar category’. With these benefits, the Wizz Air fleet will be able to charge cheaper prices and offer a better value for money service for customers.

What do you think, is this A321neo really a gamechanger?