Airbus Delivery Delays Prompt Wizz Schedule Change

Problems with the delivery of new A320 aircraft from Airbus has prompted Wizz Air to make changes to their  August schedule.

Airbus Delivery Delays Prompt Wizz Schedule Change
Wizz Air cuts flights to Kyiv due to Airbus delivery delays. Photo:Wizz Air

According to Aviation website, Air Transport World Budapest based Wizz Airlines will have to make schedule changes on some routes due to the late delivery of an A320 jet. The airline said in a statement released on July 15th, 2019 that it would be reducing the frequency of flights serving Kyiv.

Wizz Air to temporarily cut flights from Kyiv

Citing operational problems the statement read:

“Wizz Air, the fastest-growing airline in Europe and a leading low-cost carrier in Ukraine, announces schedule adjustment to its Kyiv flights schedule due to operational reasons caused by aircraft delivery delays.”

Wizz Air delays
Wizz Air flights to Kyiv changed for August. Photo: Wizz Air

“Between the 3rd and 20th of August 2019, there will be slight adjustments to the frequency of several routes. Passengers who have already booked tickets on affected routes will be contacted today, informed about the changes and offered rebooking to another flight (to the same route, but different date or to some selected destinations), 100% reimbursement of the price of the purchased tickets or 120% reimbursement of the price of the original tickets in WIZZ credit”.

“Wizz Air sincerely apologizes to all affected passengers for the inconvenience this change might have caused”.

The routes to and from the Ukrainian capital include Berlin Schönefeld, Billund, Bratislava, Bremen, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Hamburg, Hanover, Krakow, Larnaca, Munich, Riga, Vienna, and Warsaw.

Wizz Air started flying to Kyiv International Airport in 2008 and deployed the fourth aircraft to its Ukrainian hub in March of this year. So far this year, Wizz Air has launched 10 new routes from Kyiv and now offers 46 routes to 31 destinations in 13 countries from Ukraine.

Just the other day, Wizz Air UK announced ambitious plans to offer daily flights to Russia from Luton Airport starting in October.

A bold move when you look at how easyJet failed with their plans to conquer Russia. While talking to a reporter from Britain’s Independent newspaper while on holiday in Crete, Wizz Air managing director Owain Jones said:

“There are significant traffic flows that go to London, but which use indirect routes.”  “Wizz is an extremely rational airline. We are not going to start flying unless we are sure we will make a profit.”

Wizz Air is an all-Airbus airline with over100 A320 Family aircraft operating all across Europe. Wizz Air is looking to expand its fleet and has put in orders for 261 more A320 family jets. Of these new orders, 184 will be comprised of the larger A321neo aircraft.

Wizz Air is not the only airline having problems with Airbus deliveries

Airbus had trouble meeting deliveries in 2018 due to delays in receiving engines for the A320neo and industrial problems at its plant in Hamburg. Despite the problems, Airbus looks set to become the world’s largest planemaker for the first time since 2011.

IAG boss Willie Walsh
Willie Walsh claims Airbus delays prompted him to select Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: IAG

Reuters claims this is partially due to the grounding of Boeings 737 MAX with deliveries frozen following two fatal crashes.

Meanwhile, IAG SA Chief Executive Officer Willie Walsh said that his frustration with Airbus and their late deliveries was a major factor in his decision to place a $24 billion order with Boeing.

In an interview with Bloomberg Walsh said: That his deal with Boeing  “should be an indication not just to Airbus but to everybody that we’re unhappy with their performance.” “I know everybody interprets it as an issue of price, it’s not.”


Following the Boeing 737 MAX crashes and the subsequent grounding of the aircraft, you would have thought that Airbus would be working around the clock to take advantage of the situation.

Wizz Air flying below the clouds.
Wizz Air is an all Airbus Airline. Photo: Wizz Air

Instead, they are beginning to get negative press over late deliveries. While I can understand Walsh using this as an excuse for IAG’s new MAX orders, we all know that Boeing must have given him a sweet deal. What do you think?