Wizz Privilege Pass Vs easyJet Plus – Which Scheme Is Better?

A couple of low-cost airlines currently operate membership schemes for their most frequent fliers. However, are they worth it? If so, which is better? Let’s take a look at the difference between Wizz Privilege Pass and easyJet Plus.

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Wizz Air Privilege Pass vs easyJet Plus. Which scheme is better? Photo: Getty Images


Unlike the traditional frequent flyer schemes of full-service carriers, low-cost carriers charge for their frequent flyer schemes. The costs of these vary by carrier.

In the case of easyJet Plus, membership can be paid for in GBP or EUR. The costs are £215 or €239 respectively. Given the current exchange rate, it is just slightly cheaper to buy in Great British Pounds.

Meanwhile, Wizz Privilege Pass is only offered in EUR. It is currently priced at €199, making it cheaper than easyJet Plus.

Cost Winner: Wizz Privilege Pass

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Wizz Air’s scheme is the cheaper of the two. Photo: Getty Images

Seat selection

Ryanair’s touted frequent flyer scheme would see passengers only able to choose regular seats for free of charge. However, how do Wizz Air and easyJet stack up?

Both easyJet Plus and Wizz Air seem to be fairly similar in terms of what they offer. Both carriers state that with their frequent flyer schemes, any seat in the aircraft can be selected free of charge. This includes the expensive seats at the front of the aircraft.

Seat selection winner: Draw

Boarding the aircraft

Being first on the aircraft and securing the ideal spot to store your carry on is essential for some travelers. Both Wizz Air and easyJet allow their scheme members to take advantage of priority boarding.

Additionally, the two carriers allow passengers to take an extra item of hand luggage with them. The difference here is the size of the bags. While Wizz Air sets a 10kg limit with a 55 x 40 x 23 cm bag, easyJet Plus has no specified weight limit on a 56x45x25cm bag.

Boarding winner: easyJet Plus (on the technicality of the bag size)

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easyJet has a slightly larger hand baggage allowance. Photo: Getty Images

Additional services

In terms of Wizz Air, the benefits stop there. However, surprisingly, with easyJet, they keep coming. In fact, there’s still much more to talk about.

Firstly, at check-in, easyJet offers Plus members a dedicated bag drop lane or, in the case of Gatwick Airport, an entire zone.

However, what if you got to the airport early? No worries, just head to the Customer Service Desk. If there’s a seat on an earlier flight, easyJet will transfer you to it. Once members have checked in, they can proceed to use the Fast Track lane at security. This is something that Wizz members still need to pay for. Finally, easyJet offers a price promise for Plus members.

Additional services winner: easyJet Plus

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Overall, easyJet’s scheme offers far more benefits. Photo: Getty Images


Ultimately, which program is best depends on you as a traveler. easyJet Plus costs slightly more but comes with many more benefits. However, if you fly with Wizz Air once a month, and easyJet once a year, you would clearly get more benefit from the Wizz Privilege Pass. That aside, if your travel were equal between the two carriers, easyJet Plus would win hands down.

Do you use easyJet Plus or Wizz Privilege Pass? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!