Revealed: The World’s Longest A319 Routes

The world’s longest A319 route this week is a Russian domestic service, with the 3,021-mile (4,862km) link from Khabarovsk to Yekaterinburg having a block time of seven hours. Fancy that on an A319? We examine the longest A319 routes.

American A319
American has the second-highest number of A319 flights over 2,000 miles (3,219km) this week. Bogota to JFK is its longest. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Use of the A319: an overview

The A319’s average length of haul is 796 miles (1,275km) in the week starting November 15th, based on analyzing schedules from data experts Cirium. However, there are 63 airport-pairs over 2,000 miles (3,219km), with 319 (!) round-trip flights over this distance.

Colombia’s flag carrier Avianca has the lion’s share of long flights thanks to its US and lower South America services. Next are American Airlines, Russia’s Ural Airlines, German charter airline SundAir, and Spirit.

Only one route by the relatively small narrowbody passes the 3,000-mile barrier, the distance considered long-haul. Of course, longer-haul narrowbody service has long been contentious, as many perceive it to be less comfortable than on widebody.

Avianca’s A319s have 120 seats: 12 in business and 108 in economy. While low-capacity aircraft will mean higher seat-mile costs, there are fewer seats to fill, which may help achieve higher fares, higher passenger revenue per available seat mile (PRASM), and higher load factor. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr.

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The top-15 longest A319 routes this week

Only one route passes the 3,000-mile barrier: Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East across the sea from Japan, to Yekaterinburg. With three flights this week, Ural Airlines’ service is longer in distance than Dublin to Boston.

The others in the list all operate between once-weekly and 14-weekly. Tunisair’s Tunis-Conkary uses the A319 weekly. It leaves Tunis at 16:20 and arrives in Conakry at 20:50 local time. It departs 50 minutes later to Dakar before flying overnight and arriving home at 05:35.

  1. Ural Airlines: Khabarovsk to Yekaterinburg, 3,021 miles (4,862km)
  2. Ural Airlines: Chita to Moscow Domodedovo; 2,948 miles (4,744km)
  3. Avianca: Bogota to Buenos Aires; 2,092 miles (4,671km)
  4. Ural Airlines: Krasnoyarsk to Dubai; 2,837 miles (4,550km)
  5. Avianca: Bogota to Rio; 2,817 miles (4,533km)
  6. LATAM Peru: Lima-Orlando, 2,795 miles (4,498km)
  7. Myanmar Airways International: Yangon-Dubai, 2,684 miles (4,319km)
  8. Ural Airlines: Blagoveshchensk to Yekaterinburg, 2,665 miles (4,288km)
  9. Avianca: Bogota to Santiago, 2,629 miles (4,231km)
  10. Ural Airlines: Irkutsk to Moscow Domodedovo, 2,623 miles (4,222km)
  11. Air Senegal: Dakar-Milan Malpensa, 2,609 miles (4,198km)
  12. United: Newark to Sacramento, 2,500 miles (4,024km)
  13. Avianca & America: Bogota-JFK, 2,473 miles (3,981km)
  14. Spirit: Los Angeles-Philadelphia, 2,402 miles (3,865km)
  15. Tunisair: Tunis-Conakry, 2,398 miles (3,859km)
Myanmar Airways International to Dubai
Myanmar Airways International operates Yangon-Dubai using the A319. It runs on Tuesdays and Sundays, leaves Myanmar at 08:55, and returns at 21:35 the same day. Image:

Often the A319 isn’t the sole aircraft used

In several cases, the A319 isn’t the only equipment used. For example, Air Senegal operates Dakar-Malpensa three-weekly. The two-class, 165-seat A321 is used twice, and the two-class, 120-seat A319 once. Meanwhile, United has seven-weekly departures on Newark-Sacramento, with the B737-700 deployed on five and the B737-900 and A319 on one each.

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